Pretty blown away by opportunities available @ PurebredUnd1sputed 3038UniversityAvenue North Park ,SanDiego.  Reliable boxing, MMA, Jiujitsu, Kickboxing, and fitness programs facilitated by qualified and proven instructors in synchronicity of GoodVibrations plus the will to improve and learn–pave the way for greatness and achievment and even for the most challenged.

Its history of championship belts, tournament trophies, battle-proven  fighter-athletes and competitors ; an absolutely honorable program with the POW group, a Submission grappling program dedicated to the Spirit of Martial Arts, and  the imminent population of people looking for self-improvement; —we are proud be a part of this ethic and etiquette.  we feel honored to eat at the table of this family. thanks everyone

Exhaust the Body. Proceed the Mind. Cultivate the Spirit…or at the very least–try to.


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