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We’ve hgeard alot about Enson INoue in the past fifteen years. from his rise in his career-shifting defeat of that-the-time UFC Champion Randy Cotoure in ValeTudo Japan to his neversay¬† wars in PrideFighting Championships. From his incarceration for walking the green path to his return from retirement submission victory over Antz Nansen in Astra in Japan. Up close and personal Enson is truly a man of action who can keep you on your toes, knock you on your ass–but in the end can be there to pick you up when you should fall. Even when some give up on him he surrenders for no one. Follow him on FACEBOOK and see what risk hes taking and what hes doing in yet another display to a different side of the Japanese FightingSpirit.

For him Yamato Damashii is truly a way of life–Ladies and Gentlemenensblog..the Real Enson Inoue


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