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Her purpose is to provide literature for children abroad to learn about an island they may never get to visit–forr the Mariana Islands it’s an extended effort to bring local children back to  basics with reading books instead of ipads.  She has piles of articles published throughout Guam printed media and currently blogs for

Meet Joan Awa, the author of Nana and Jose’s Cocnonut Day,  a children’s book soon to be distributed free-of-charge  to underprivileged children throughout the Pacific

We are on a revamp with theForce and are happy to have her on board for some future and positive projects.

Giving is her motivation and writing is her tool.  Here she breaks it down on what powers  her up to write and what the Force means to her


Using ‘the Force’ in Writing

By: Joan Awa

To be very honest, I didn’t realize I was using ‘the Force’ all the time when it comes to writing.  It’s a little too excessive actually. Maybe, what I mean to say is, it’s something subconscious.  When I was asked to guest blog for Fokai on what motivates me to write and what ‘the Force’ means to me, I came to an understanding that the two actually go hand in hand; in fact, holding hands.

I would have never knew I had a knack for writing if I hadn’t gone back to college. I didn’t take the usual route of going straight to college for four years after graduating from high school, then finding a job to utilize my degree.  If anything, i’m considered one of the ‘older’ graduates in the pool of graduates that were only allowed to drink alcohol the year before while i’ve been partying for over decade.  Anyway, while I was attending, and still unsure of what major to choose, I took a history class that literally changed my life: a professor of mine, looked me straight in the eyes and blatantly told me: my writing was crap.  I was devastated. To make a short story more short: telling me that I sucked was what motivated me to do better, to continue to do so, and, to prove him wrong.  But first, I needed to find what I was doing wrong.


When I think of the word ‘force’, there’s a negative connotation that’s attached to it.  It makes me squint my eyes and wrinkle my nose when I hear the word; it’s bad. But since the birth of ‘Star Wars’ and the introduction of the all-powerful and positive Yoda, who is a beloved and highly intelligent character from the movie, he has introduced another use of ‘the force’ and translates it as something to be very positive.  Yoda shows us that it can be used to your advantage, if you know how to use it the right way.  There are many definitions to the word but I have chosen to use and live by: strength, energy, exerting power or influence, a powerful effect and achieving through coercion.  These words can translate to something of great value and purpose. Through the years, Fokai has been getting the message across – that we all have been put here ‘for a grand purpose’ and I completely agree.  I truly believe that I have been placed here at this exact day and time to share my knowledge and skill of writing to those who have lost interest in it.  With technology at its ultimate peak, we have a tendency to lose our connection with what exists right before our eyes.  Humankind’s skills sets have dwindled and we have become weak minded, spirited and it also shows in our physique.  From the time of warriors, hunters, gatherers, farmers, etc. we are losing our powers and naturality as a people.  Even if i’m just one person and my contribution to society is microscopic, I may possess a powerful influence to slowly change our mindsets to retain the skill sets of our predecessors. 

Writing, is my weapon of choice to seek my answer of my existence, to assist those in finding their purpose and, to make the possible happen.  The Force is in everybody, we just have to seek it – within us.   







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  1. B money ???? on Tue, 2nd Feb 2016 7:34 am 

    There is no way your contribution could be considered ‘microscopic’!!!
    Just in you writing your book with such positive intent, without monetary gain, has had a ripple effect. Certainly for Teiya and her family, but also for the Staff at Fokai Industries, we are so privileged to watch someone using the Force to make a difference and by contributing your art, your ideas and your simple words on paper for children here on Guam and World-wide!
    You go girl!

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