Chamorro Time: Revamp

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Hafa Adai,

It’s been few months since we posted…the truth is we set out with a big master plan to come back with THE FORCE to provide a more reliable media service for a better window into what’s been rocking and rolling in the landscape of FokaiInternational…

but got so busy in trying to make things happen that weve neglected our responsibilities in escorting that sufficiently through the fokai online experience.

No excuses, just apologies and goodwill..

Believe it or not, however–things have been pretty busy. Todd Vance from has been rocking with the POW program in California, Tone Susuico’s been staying busy with the Grasshoper Lounge and ASkate in Ireland, Crazy Mike Fowler is rocking with revamping his NOrth Shore Jiujitsu Club Program in Hawaii, and TBoogie has been on the revamp Cross One and Freestyle Sessions along¬† with a developing new fokai merchandise outlet in California. Hideaki Shiina has been holding it down with FokaiJapan as Destiny IS Forever as Enson is saving dolphins and making s positive difference with all kinds of volunteer service with the victims of March 11,20111′s tragic earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan.

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Meanwhile on the homefront 13N144E we’re locked in for product development with some revamped product like the DevastatorShorts Series (or revamped and custom version of a perfomance longshort),Shop renovation, a video project or two, and a few new collections for Summer 2013 that will be sure to keep your fruits growing.

Guam Jiujitsu has been kicking but with a national title here and there,¬† our islands have been doing some things in MMA with feature athletes in the UFC and most recently Bellator…not too shabby for a tiny dot in The Pacific.

So until the massive revamp, or i guess more like “while in the process of…” Guam folks…check out TBoogie Anderson making his mark in SouthernCalifornia on the link below…

A picture tells a thousand words, so try to visit us on Instagram, Add us as a friend or Like us on facebook and we’ll work on revamping that online registry so we can eventually get you our newsletter thats been in the mix for way too long.

Stoked to be back. Here to help. Glad to be of Service.

Thanks for dropping by.

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