Walk & Roll w/ Enson Inoue Across Japan

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Walk & Roll w/ Enson Inoue Across Japan

When word had hit the Japan MMA community that Enson Inoue was walking across Japan to help raise awareness in support of the recovery of Northern Japan from the tsunami–martial artists began contacting Enson to try and interact with him along the way–in this case Enson offered a free seminar for Jin Hirano’s gym in Tohoku.

Many of the students here are direct victims of the tsunami and have most more than anyone should bear.
Im gratitude or the seminar and i support of the walk, everyone still donated something to help us along the way. It was incredibly humbling experience.

There would be serveral more of these along the way.


Share JiuJitsu w/ Sara & Enson Inoue

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From a perspective of a jiujitsu follower and fan for many years–This photo can speak volumes.
The jiujitsu Enson Inoue was cultivated in a time when Jiujitsu was catered for full contact fighting and self defense. Sarah McCan came into jiujitsu where competitive BJJ as sport has stormed a receiving world with rules and guidelines that have given more breathing room to develop the incredible physics in the ridiculously abundant and growing variations and techniques that we see in Jiujitsu today.
His kimono was used in Pride FC and baptized in legendary battles her kimono was created in an atmosphere of die-hard kimono collectors and a thriving jiujitsu kimono industry.

BJJ sure has changed and though People might have their questions for jiujitsu today vs. Jiujitsu yesterday but throughout–its all jiujitsu.

Were honored to be apart of this past,present, and future of jiujitsu

Thanks Tatami Fightwear for this fine item.


PRIDE FC: Enson Inoue vs Igor Vovchanchyn FULL FIGHT VIDEO

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PRIDE FC: Enson Inoue vs Igor Vovchanchyn FULL FIGHT VIDEO

PRIDE FC Enson Inoue vs Igor Vovchanchyn

Enson Inoue submitted who seemed like an unstoppable Randy Couture in 1999 in Vale Tudo Japan ..this cemented him to the world as a Premiere fighter athlete and true world contender.

In this fight against Igor,– most people felt that Ensons groundfighting game would easily defeat Igor, but the only problem is that Enson wasnt there for the win.He was there for the fight.

Inoue was hospitalized for days with fractures to his skull, a shattered orbital, and a broken eardrum,etc … its funny that despite that, this still goes down, above all his other career highlights, as his favorite fight.

For Enson still its not nearly about winning the fight nearly as much as it is about the Way you Fight. .. Its easy for anyone to say that they will fight to the end. For others, its impossible to say that they wont.

Yamato Damashii is a Way of Life


Watch full fight below.

Friends, Family & Manta Rays…again

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Taking time out to celebrate life..Island style with things important.

Enson Inoue is doing some pretty cool things with his missions up north and stoked to support his efforts.

Earth & Water

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