Growth w/ Guam BJJ! Share Jiu-Jitsu

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Growth w/ Guam BJJ! Share Jiu-Jitsu
Purebred BJJ Guam makes a trip to the mecca at Purebred Japan. More than 15years ago. Enson Inoue The Purebred Shooto Gym Guam opened its doors. With a consistently growing number competing in the Asian Open, 40 competitors in this weekend’s event– Guam leads the way for Purebred affiliates across the globe in The Land of the Samurai.
Good Luck to Guam’s pioneer joujitsu academy and the reat of Guam’s other Jiujitsu representatives.
Stand Ye Guamanian

8 New BJJ Black Belts for Guam

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Good Guys Wear Black.
Conduct, dedication, and proficiency have been the guidelines for any and every Purebred Jiu Jitsu Guam belt promotion.
Big respect for these folks that have been marinating in that grind.

On behalf of TheForce and Guam we would like to congratulate Ray Roberto, Jun Sun, James Paek, Mike Sanchez, Eric Sian, David Tuncap, Joshua “Wu” Jerome and Ken Concepcion on receiving their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts!

“This was our biggest black belt promotion,” Roberto said. “These guys have trained together for 10+ years and they’ve received all their belts here at Purebred Academy.” (quote from GSPN)

It is a great day for Guam martial arts with these 8 new BJJ Black Belts under Professor Stephen Roberto of Purebred JiuJitsu Guam.

Eric Sian and Michael Sanchez are the youngest black belts on Guam at age 24. There are now 15 black belts whom Roberto has promoted in his nine years as a black belt.

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Martial arts existed before as a means of survival and self defense, then somewhere further down the line it became along for competiton, fitness, and glory.

Lloyd Irvin,Friends, and BudoVideos break it down to basics int his interview when the Secret to Lloyd Irvin’ss success is partially unveiled in this solid evidence that the many paths of martial arts can truly be life enhancing.

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2.5 Hours Of Hafa Adai

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Just met Mitsuka,

a friend of a friend who was only in Guam for a 4hour layover.

Randy Taylor was returning from Saipan to Guam after a weekend to attend and staff an amateur MMA/Kickboxing event Rites of Passage.

He ran into an old friend Mitsuka at the airport in Guam –instead of spending a safe and certain 4hoursat the airport.

she decided to take him on a n invitation for some Hafa Adai and a different kind of sunshine that can break through any rain cloud.

Hafa Adai Mitsuka and Welcome to our version of Guam!