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When Tracey and I came to Hawaii in 2010, our plan was to open a gym and start a life here. Things from the beginning were great. We took on the non profit kids club at first at a local recreation center. The only times available at the center were the kids class times, so we had to look elsewhere for the adults. We live on the countryside so there isn’t many commercial buildings. Everything is residential. A local house with a gym was available to hold classes at and the non profit was extended to cover adults as well and a service was brought to a community that it had been without for so long. The good fortune was short, and because of the landlords drug addiction, we lost the gym. Or it was lost for us. Since we started working the non profit we have had a great response from the community, but the local recreation center where we taught the kids classes would only allow one class per week for the adults.

Now due to the recent Lloyd Irvin situation we lost the non profit for the kids. That was our biggest class and we want to get them back in Asap. Since 2011 we have struggled to find a gym to serve the area where we live, and it is finally coming true. I wasn’t sure about even writing this letter, but I need your help! To keep up with the cost of starting a new non profit, insurance, rent, mats. Whether a donation to the club by monetary means or equipment new/used. Anything to help us reinstate the kids class get us up on our own feet. We only have one month to prepare and the current tenants won’t move out until the day before we move in, so if any questions, message me here or email Please share!

Thanks for your time
Mike and Tracey Fowler
Head Instructors
North Shore Jiujitsu Club


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