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www.undisputedusa.com This…is…SPARTA!!! Fokai feels proud and honored to be welcomed into the circle of  this fantastic bunch of folks in SouthernCalifornia.  On any given day here you are bound to encounter live instances of the FokaiCreed. Exhausting the Body, Proceeding the Mind, and Most defintiely Cultivating the Spirit. The Soulf of this gym was crfted by nothing short of Hard Work, Perseverance, and GoodVibrations. Here is A quick stroll through the front doors of PurebredUnd1sputed(3038UniversityAvenue,NorthPark,SAN DIEGO) through the incubation chamber of many of SouthernCalifornia’s modern day gladiators. All the way to the very noble Pugilistic Offensive Warrior tactics program pioneered and populated by battle-proven protectors of our freedom..

Words cant express…ManyThanks and MuchRespect.


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