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Slinging 1008: The Natural

As exhibited by Andy Lee: This sling technique has a great advantage of fast load and launch action and that it requires smallest diameter in your launching area position.  Read More →

Slinging1008: Rapid Fire Slinging

The internal dynamics of even slinging just a single stone can be extrememly self-invigorating–especially combined with the proper atmosphere. On the combative side however–accuracy, power, and also consistency are assets for the battlefield. Perfect practice makes perfect. Work in progress at the right place and right time. 13North 144East  Read More →


#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } FAMILIA, THE FORCE, & THE FIGHTING ISLANDS The Alvarez Family that once highlighted motocross events across Micronesia for decades since the 80′s has moved onto new things. Setting the Foundation for MMA athletics in the CNMI-From the #FokaiThrottleProject and the Alvarez Racing Team to their more-than-a-decade-strong reign in outer island MMA, Fokai is proud to have joined them with TrenchTech/Purebred Saipan and Trench Warz on their long course journey #clothandculture #sinceeversince #itsafamilyrhing  Read More →


Tone Anderson feeling sad. July 8 at 6:52pm · London, United Kingdom· Rest in Paradise Scotty Dingas… Now you can go where ever you want, how fast you want, popping wheelies the whole damn way, where no humans can knock you off your scoot. I know Luka and Eric got you at the gates and we will all meet again one day my brother. Journey well… I’ll miss you being here but I’ll always know you are with me. Yo…. if you trained with or knew this dude shout him out, put him in your prayers, or tip a 40 to him. He was one of the OG SoCal Project boys and dedicated his life to Muay Thai and Motorcycles… he will always be remembered. Love you Scotty. –T BOOGIE ANDERSON  Read More →

EVERYDAY PEOPLE  // Joseph Aguon

EVERYDAY PEOPLE Joseph Aguon has been picking up hazardous materials from the waterfront at Ypao Beach to save people and families from unnecessary injury and for other good reasons. He was featured in Guam media last week where he discovered a live grenade in a high foot traffic are on one of our most populated beaches unearthed by severe rains that eroded sand. He has been doing this daily since January, without pay nor solicitation of pay and has no intention of slowing down #teamwork #defendguahan #theforce    Read More →

8 New BJJ Black Belts for Guam

Good Guys Wear Black. Conduct, dedication, and proficiency have been the guidelines for any and every Purebred Jiu Jitsu Guam belt promotion. Big respect for these folks that have been marinating in that grind. On behalf of TheForce and Guam we would like to congratulate Ray Roberto, Jun Sun, James Paek, Mike Sanchez, Eric Sian, David Tuncap, Joshua “Wu” Jerome and Ken Concepcion on receiving their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts! “This was our biggest black belt promotion,” Roberto said. “These guys have trained together for 10+ years and they’ve received all their belts here at Purebred Academy.” (quote from GSPN) It is a great day for Guam martial arts with these 8 new BJJ Black Belts under Professor Stephen Roberto of Purebred JiuJitsu Guam. Eric Sian and Michael Sanchez are the youngest black belts on Guam at age 24. There are now 15 black belts whom Roberto has promoted in his nine years as a black belt.  Read More →

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Quotes!

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Quotes! The world lost a legend last week. Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3. Ali was not only a world-class boxer but a world-class talker and his enigmatic personality and showmanship completely changed the face of boxing. Making not only the fight itself, but the promotion, training and lead-up to the matches must-see events. In 1999 Sports Illustrated named Ali Sportsman of the century ahead of other athletes such as Jesse Owens, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky further solidifying Ali’s place among the greatest athletes ever. The same passion and workmanship that made Ali into a world champion could still be seen well after his retirement from boxing in 1981 with his charity work and dedication to finding a cure for Parkinsons disease, one he lived with for the last 30 years of his life. Ali was truly one of a kind. Here, in no particular order, as some of the best quotes from one of the most quotable and charismatic athletes the world has ever seen. “THE FIGHT IS WON OR LOST FAR AWAY FROM WITNESSES—BEHIND THE LINES, IN THE GYM, AND OUT THERE ON THE ROAD, LONG BEFORE I DANCE UNDER THOSE LIGHTS.” “IMPOSSIBLE IS JUST A BIG WORD THROWN AROUND BY SMALL MEN WHO FIND IT EASIER TO LIVE IN THE WORLD THEY’VE BEEN GIVEN THAN TO EXPLORE THE POWER THEY HAVE TO CHANGE IT. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOT A FACT. IT’S AN OPINION. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOT A DECLARATION. IT’S A DARE. IMPOSSIBLE IS POTENTIAL. IMPOSSIBLE IS TEMPORARY. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.” “IF YOU EVER DREAM OF BEATING ME, YOU BETTER WAKE UP AND APOLOGIZE” “THE WILL MUST BE STRONGER THAN THE SKILL.” “YOU LOSE NOTHING WHEN FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE … IN MY MIND THE LOSERS ARE THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE A CAUSE THEY CARE ABOUT.” “BRAGGIN’ IS WHEN A PERSON SAYS SOMETHING AND CAN’T DO IT. I DO WHAT I SAY. “ONLY A MAN WHO KNOWS WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE DEFEATED CAN REACH DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF HIS SOUL AND COME UP WITH THE EXTRA OUNCE OF POWER IT TAKES TO WIN WHEN THE MATCH IS EVEN.” “CHAMPIONS AREN’T MADE IN GYMS. CHAMPIONS ARE MADE FROM SOMETHING THEY HAVE DEEP INSIDE THEM—A DESIRE, A DREAM, A VISION. THEY HAVE TO HAVE LAST-MINUTE STAMINA, THEY HAVE TO BE A LITTLE FASTER, THEY HAVE TO HAVE THE SKILL AND THE WILL. BUT THE WILL MUST BE STRONGER THAN THE SKILL.” I’VE WRESTLED WITH ALLIGATORS. I’VE TUSSLED WITH A WHALE. I DONE HANDCUFFED LIGHTNING AND THROW THUNDER IN JAIL. YOU KNOW I’M BAD. JUST LAST WEEK, I MURDERED A ROCK, INJURED A STONE, HOSPITALIZED A BRICK! I’M SO MEAN, I MAKE MEDICINE SICK! “I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF TRAINING, BUT I SAID, ‘DON’T QUIT. SUFFER NOW AND LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS A CHAMPION.’”  Read More →

F is for FestPac: Hafa Adai & GoodVibrations

            Hafa Adai, Welcome to Guam all our visiting delegations. As an island, we are absolutelySTOKED to have you here. FestPac2016 is modern Guam’s largest single event. Despite what might be considered imperfections from our organizers, we are happy to see that our people have more than picked up the slack. Wether it be Guam delegate, Public Official,  Spectator–We are all honored to share culture with all of you and hope your trip here leaves you with the Pacific Enchantment that makes our 170,000 in population very proud citizens. The scheduled events have offered more than what they have promised. The accumulation of the little  things we may have learned from culture to culture- has multiplied exponentially into a revitalized embrace of our unified Pacific Islander Family.   Words cant express what happened in between the carvings, scultures, paintings, woven items, song, dance, costume.s, and performances. This has all been great but what really takes the cake is what has happened with real person to person conversations. “I Todu i tiemp i Pas Para Hita” “In all times Peace for us” in our national anthem translates also into May ever lasting Peace reign over us ” –though this has been sung primarily for the People of Guam–we can proudly say that this prayer extends to our brothers and sisters in Island Living. American Samoa, Australia, Cook Islands, Easter Island, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji Islands, French Polynesia, , Hawaii, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Wallis and Futuna— Guam is proud to have hosted such honorable delegates. With the several thousand of you that arrived–so came with you your ancestors. The Spirits of our Lands have come together to join in the Spirit of a Unified People. May the value all our cultures persevere over the conveniences of modern technology so that we enforce the legacy of our ancestors, that we  never lose the intimacy with our mother earth and our father above, and  that we keep alive the ways of island living. May we live and grow from this heaven-sent experience, and that we build from the foundations of culture sharing for the fluorishing and constand reenforcement of this Pacific Islander Nation. Thanks for dropping by. May the Force we with you all.        Read More →

FestPac Creates Connections: From

              The Festival of Pacific Arts Visual Arts exhibit opened at the Guam Museum on May 26. Jerick Sablan/PDN   Sandy Flores Uslander, For PDN 5:58 p.m. ChST May 28, 2016   (Photo: Mark Scott/PDN) Being here in Guam to witness the Festival of Pacific Arts is something that I have planned for years now, along with thousands of others. There are many old friends and families coming together to enjoy this event. There are also important new connections being made among professionals, artists and academics from all over the Pacific, and the world. Along with the Festival of Pacific Arts, there are two major conferences scheduled during this time. One is the Pacific Asia Travel Association conference known as PATA. The Guam Visitors Bureau hosted this global tourism forum to enhance the future of travel in the region. The other is the Pacific History Conference hosted by the University of Guam. This is a treasure of presentations from around the world that exposes Pacific connections through history. Our island is literally humming with the energy of the Pacific people. I have heard spontaneous song in airports, sidewalks and from the transportation buses. I have seen delegates from other countries, strangers to one another, stop to ask about their jewelry or dress, and progress to learn about each other’s countries and cultures. On any given night, you could find yourself dancing to a contemporary Tongan band or singing along to favorite Chamorro classics. PACIFIC DAILY NEWS Publications capture FestPac countries’ stories In our island right now, governors, chiefs and PhDs mingle. Keepers of ancient knowledge and modern filmmakers walk alongside officials from the Smithsonian and UNESCO. What this gathering brings together is like an amazing fiesta table full of bright color, and fresh flavor for the choosing. In anticipation of this event Guam has risen to support the production of art to showcase. There have been new books printed, a new Sakman launched and new music composed. This festival’s rare gathering of Pacific seafarers is facilitating a canoe summit concerned with the perpetuation of the knowledge of seafaring, unique to the ingenious Pacific people. In the months and years to come, this mix of energy and beauty and expertise hosted on our island will undoubtedly shape new art, new dance, new business, new areas of study and our next generation of cultural leaders. This has been the legacy of FestPac since its beginning. This is what Guam is making possible by graciously hosting this Festival of Pacific Arts, bringing the most important cultural event of the Pacific to the people of Guam. It is everything I hoped it would be. Sandy Flores Uslander lives in San Diego and promotes Chamorro culture. Reach her at  Read More →

VIDEO: Yoshiko San Nicolas, 75 years old: Share Culture: Sling&Sword

Yoshiko San Nicolas, 75 years old: Share Culture: Sling&Sword           Yoshiko San Nicolas, 75 years old and a survivor of the bombing of Nagasaki during World War 2 on an amazing first three tries with pre-colonial Guam’s signature weapon — The Acho (Stone) Atupat (Sling)  Read More →

FESTPAC FILMS: ‘Beat The Beetle’ Directed by Sarah Filush | May 26th, 7PM, Agana Guam Museum

Be sure to catch Beat The Beetle at the Agana Guam Museum at 7pm on Thursday May 26th! FESTPAC FILMS: ‘Beat The Beetle’ Directed by Sarah Filush Director of Photography: Michael Marriott Fokai Femme Beat The Beetle                   One of the featured films for FESTPAC is the highly anticipated ‘Beat The Beetle’ by Sarah Filush.             Film Synopsis: In 2007, the coconut rhinoceros beetle invaded the island of Guam. Without hesitation, the beetle immediately began feasting on every coconut tree in sight, thus risking the extinction of what the Chamorro people consider to be the “tree of life” and very foundation of the Chamorro culture. Finally after 7 years, with at least 30% of the island coconut trees nearly destroyed, scientist Roland Quitugua in collaboration with the University of Guam and support from the island’s leaders, discovered a simple solution to conquer these devastating invasive critters once and for all! Determined to instill hope to the people of Guam, four beauty queens Sarah, Skye, Lori, and Nicole set on a mission to showcase how easy it is to protect the island from losing their precious coconut trees…with a little sass of course! Watch full interview below:  Read More →

Good Vibrations! Visitors from the Solomon Islands!

Hafa Adai Solomon Islands!Showing our visitors where we come from at Budfest and Capitol Fokai.Free live contemporary and indigenous performances by our new friends from far and near. Standing Invitation. Everyone is more than welcome. #goodvibrations#shareculture#fisforfestpac  Read More →

What You Need To Know About the 12TH FESTIVAL OF PACIFIC ARTS on Guam

12th Festival of the Pacific Guam FESTPAC ADVISORY: Parking, road closures and other facts   WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE 12TH FESTIVAL OF PACIFIC ARTS   The 12th Festival of Pacific Arts starts on May 22. - 5 a.m., May 22: Traditional Welcome of the Seafarers o Delegation members and the public will welcome 15 vessels representing Guam, Palau, Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and Australia. (approx. 3 hours long) o There will be road closures in anticipation of this event - 5 p.m., May 22: Official Opening Ceremony o Doors open at 3 p.m. o This will include a special presentation by the Guam delegation and the parade of the 25 nations. (approx. 3-4 hours long) o There will be road closures in anticipation of this event ROAD CLOSURES The Paseo peninsula will only be open to pedestrian traffic during the festival. Motorists are asked to drive with caution as they approach Hagåtña. - Sunday, May 22 o From 2 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Route 1 Marine Corps Drive will be closed from the intersection of Route 1 and Aspinall Avenue (in front of Agana Bay Marina) to the Route 1 and Route 8 intersection. o The end of Route 4, leading to the Paseo Loop, will be closed off at the Bank of Guam intersection. PARKING Because a large turnout is expected for FestPac, additional parking will be available at the following areas: o Hagåtña Swimming Pool o The Department of Land Management lot (adjacent to the Julale Shopping Center parking lot) o Government House overflow parking o Adelup o Tiyan Parkway (near the Cars Plus intersection SHUTTLE SERVICES o A FestPac flag will identify the designated parking areas and shuttle stops. o Shuttle services will run between the festival grounds and the parking areas every 20 to 30 minutes. o ADA parking will be available in front of the Chamorro Village. PARKING FOR THE OPENING AND CLOSING CEREMONIES On May 22 and June 4, additional parking also will be available at the following areas for the opening and closing ceremonies: o The Superior Court of Guam Parking Lot o Academy of Our Lady of Guam Parking Lot o Julale Shopping Center o Fort Apugan  Read More →

Chamorro Slinging | Acho Atupat

Chamorro Slinging The sling and sling stone have been a part of Chamorro History between 1500 years to 3500 years depending on who you talk to. As a citizen under the only national flag of the world with a sling stone–I’ve been fascinated with slinging for a really long time now. But like most other locals, was happy enough putting it on a pedestal and out of reach. Because it  was so iconic for our ancestors and for the Biblical David. Im pursuing the art for different reasons–Chamorro People Honorification, Culture Sharing, and Versus Goliath. For every aspect of culture and language that I am slacking on-slinging is something that i can help bring to our people’s table - Roman DLC   Article By Julian Aguon of Guampedia Signature Chamorro weapon  Åcho’ Atupat The signature weapon of the ancient Chamorro warrior, slingstones of various sizes were sharpened at both ends and hurled from a sling with deadly force in combative times. These stones, called åcho’ atupat in the indigenous language of Chamorro, were fashioned from either limestone, basalt, or fire-hardened clay and were hung from slings of made of pandanus or coconut fiber, the latter being far better by way of durability. The most notable aspect of these most oftentimes oval-shaped stones were that ancient Chamorros used them with deadly accuracy as documented in historical texts. Though commonly associated with weaponry of the Latte period, these stones were used in early colonial history as the arms of resistance to Spanish colonization, hurled at the harbingers of that particular destruction. A prized art of warfare, the knowledge of how to fashion and hurl these stones was kept in the men’s domain and was passed down from older to younger males, most likely from father to son, or mother’s oldest brother to son. Today, the sling-stone shape is part of the design of the official Guam flag and is incorporated into architectural designs. Like the latte the slingstone is a cultural icon used in Guam’s contemporary pop culture (in tattoo and clothing designs) to exhibit Chamorro pride and cultural identity. By Julian Aguon    Read More →

Keenan Cornelius back to Guam with his first lesson in Guam’s native and trademark weapon, the sling.

Keenan Cornelius & TheForce Fokai Keenan Cornelius Slinging on Guam HAFA ADAI,THE FORCE & THE MARIANAS OPEN! Frank the Crank Camacho welcomes Keenan Cornelius back to Guam with his first lesson in Guam’s native and trademark weapon, the sling.Good Vibrations and Culture Sharing with Keenan#jiujitsuinparadise#theforce  Read More →