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Traditions Affirming our Seafaring Ancestry. SAKMAN!

Traditions Affirming our Seafaring Ancestry. Big respect for TASA amd all the other contributing organizations out there that are wotking hard to reinvigorate traditional sailing and out raditional vessels. With more than 4000 years of history. The people of the Mariana Islands were incredible craftsman and seafarers. Despite the unstoppable reality... [Read more of this review]

Photo of the Week! MIA LEE with Manta Rays in Tumon Guam

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An article resurfaced from 2002 Pacific Daily News

  An article resurfaced from 2002 Pacific Daily News Fokai for years was misconceived a sa fight geoup, though we were heavily connected into martial artd and venturing into combay sport, “Team Fokai” actually consisted of an array pf different athletes. Consisting of an assembly of some of Guams top performers, Here is an assembly... [Read more of this review]

Marianas Open attracting World Class Jiujitsu Athletes and Competition

All around the worldn The reuitation of Guam jiujitsu is tremendous. The character of our people training and competing all over the world has been backed with the many so fierce in inter ational jiujitsu competitions. In many ways it has created Guam as a mecca for #jiujitsuinparadise Aftsr a decades worth of trial, error, and evolution–the... [Read more of this review]

Congratulations Brandon & Jessica Vera 4.20.18!

FOR LIFE: An incredible time for an unbelievsble gatheriing of amazing people in a paradise thst wont quit. Guam is proud to host you on your special day. 4.20.2018! CONGRATULATIONS @brandonthetruthvera @n_e_n_j_a for a fantastic celebration of love,life, and adventure.. #happilyverafter #forlife #itsafamilything A post shared by fokaistuff (@thefokaieffect)... [Read more of this review]

Felipe Pena Fokai Shop 2018

  Hafa Adai and Welcome back to Guam Felipe Pena Marianas Open Undisputed blackbelt open weight champion is back to defend hist title agains Guam’s most stacked blackbelt division to date. #JiuJitsuInParadise #Sharejiujitsu #marianasopen2018  Read More →

Fanoghe. Fokai. LIMA

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THE RETURN! The boards stolen during Christmas season have finally been returned! And thankfully with peaceful resolve. Thanks for those who have been keeping an eye and ear open to see that these made their way back home. Their unforseen departure was painful but your efforts and messages of concern have been comforting. Thievery sucks. it doesnt... [Read more of this review]

Guam and it’s potential impact on the global slinging community. –

Via Head admistrator of Guam and it’s potential impact on the global slinging community In 2017 two men turned up at the international slinging meeting in mallorca. The meeting itself has been running for 5 years now and – to date – it’s the only organised meeting of slingers of different nationalities anywhere... [Read more of this review]

GO TEAM GUAM! V Trobada Internacional Dia de les Illes Balear 2018 Competition in Mallorca, Spain.

Congratulations to Team Guam for representing well at the V Trobada Internacional Dia de les Illes Balear 2018 Competition in Mallorca, Spain. - Josiah Perez (7 years old) 2 silver medals in the children’s category. - Brandi Jae Aguon took third place in the women’s category. - Roman de la Cruz took the most Diana’s (most target hits). Way to... [Read more of this review]

Terere and Finfou with Sensei T.V.

SHARE JIUJITSU: Fernando “Terere” Augusto Fernando Augusto, commonly known by his nickname Tererê is one of the most talented and charismatic Brazilian jiu jitsu competitors to have ever stepped on a mat. This multiple time world medallist became a black belt world champion at the age of 20, and was regarded as a Pound for Pound best during... [Read more of this review]

VIDEO. The Balearic Slingers

          The balearic slingers were trained on the since they were children and they were constantly compelled to the improvement of its use. This fact would situate themselves as lethal enemies, thanks to its skills and abilities with the Sling. They were considered as one of the most fearsome units in the ancient armies.... [Read more of this review]

VIDEO. Fokai: Hu Noni Hao Bo’an

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Cultivate Th eSpirit: FOKAI & P.O.W.

            The Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics founder and program coordinator Todd Vance gives us their perspective of the Fokai Creed. Exhaust the body. Proceed the mind. Cultivate the Spirit. “Through the training, slowly but surely, things seemed to sort things out. I partied less and was in the gym more,... [Read more of this review]

Brandon Vera’s Big Plans For ONE And The Philippines

                        Brandon “The Truth” Vera has always shot for the stars. Ever since he first stepped inside the cage in July 2002, the Filipino-American was immediately recognized as a game changer with his potent blend of speed and power. Vera has since decimated his opponents... [Read more of this review]