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Chamorro Slinging | Acho Atupat

Chamorro Slinging The sling and sling stone have been a part of Chamorro History between 1500 years to 3500 years depending on who you talk to. As a citizen under the only national flag of the world with a sling stone–I’ve been fascinated with slinging for a really long time now. But like most other locals, was happy enough putting it on... [Read more of this review]

Chamorro Slinging Tutorial Capitol F (Acho Atupak)

Guelo Slinging Tutorial Capitol F (Acho Atupak) // The Fokai Shop Agana. How to use a Chamorro sling also known as Acho Atupak. How to use a sling // fokai // acho atupak    Read More →


Stone slinging is an indigenous martial art with the ancestors of the Mariana Islands. Long suffocated with the Spanish colonization almost 500 years ago–Sling-stone artifacts are still found or “received”. Buried in the ground, underwater, or sometimes even in plain sight above surface–Sling-stone gifts have been digested as... [Read more of this review]


Original Article from Pale Eric CHAMORRO….THE ENGLISH WAY In recent years, there has been a greater interest among many people to revert to or continue to use Chamorro words, even though they are used in an English context.But we are often unaware just how much we are a product of our times, and the overwhelming English-language environment many... [Read more of this review]

Saina: Elders

Original Article Here. Elders, parents, ancestors Parents and other elders are important in CHamoru family and culture. CHamorus gain respect and status as they age. Younger relatives and friends show deference and respect to elders by sniffing or kissing the right hand or a cheek while saying ‘ñora or ‘ñot (for señora or señot)... [Read more of this review]

September 11, 1671, 2,000 Warriors Surrounded Hagåtña to free Chief Hurao

Article by: Michael Lujan Bevacqua September 11, 1671, 2,000 Warriors Surrounded Hagåtña to free Chief Hurao               Every September 11th since September 11, 2001 has a surreal quality to it. As if in a world where history repeats and meaning is always muddled, somehow the events of that day achieved a special,... [Read more of this review]

22 Years for 2020

Although,Fokai first came into light (relatively) in 1991–it was a 7 year conversation that finally got us started. The Fokai OG logo, designed by Fokai co-founder John Calvo made its debut in commerce with Superbrawl 7 on April 25th–22years ago today. John would go to compete in the main event against the at-the-tim-UFC CHAMPION Dan Severn.... [Read more of this review]

Fokai COVIT 19: World Vibration by Enson Inoue

via Enson Inoue I got this idea from my racquetball friend Sudsy. He did something like this with racquetball players all over the world to band together and stay positive to get through this Pandemic. As fighters we always believe in ourselves that we can overcome any obstacles to defeat our opponent no matter who it is. We fighters are banding together... [Read more of this review]

Fokai Shops Closed Indefitely: Online Store OPEN

Hafa Adai we are always looking out for your best. In light and reaction to thie recent pandemic Corona Virus–Our flagship stores will eb closed indefintiely until were all back in the clear. We will be moving everything online in the meantime and will exercise this opportunity to evolve and upgrade our cyber services. Golly geez- things are ... [Read more of this review]


  Some great words of advice from a very educated man who has seen alot, done alot, and works abundantly to educate the world with excellent in depth  conversations with some real earth-movers  Read More →

Defend  Yourselves: Wim Hof Basics

Wim Hof has found a clear path to ultimate self-improvement and hes happy to show us the way. Arm yourselves and optimize your immune system with this PROVEN WEAPON of self-defense and life enhacnement!  Read More →


ROCK ON.  Read More →

Slinging Rocks: The Heritage Cup 2020

Slinging basics lesson and Some wordsin for the past, presnet, and future of Guam slinging and its conection to the 500th year anniversary commemoration of Pacific Islad mass contact with European Explorers  Read More →

Tir de Fona Internacionale- 7th International Slinging Competition in Mallorca 2020.

Held the same weekend as The Heritage Cup in Guam last weeekend– Here is A quick video of the 7th International Slinging Competition in Mallorca 2020. The videos and photos used here have been collected together from a variety of sources  Read More →

The Heritage Cup 2020

          Early-day Spanish explorers have at several times documented stone slinging competitions built within village gatherings  in Guam. Since 2017, local stone slingers gathered throughout the island have brought it back. For this first segment of our 3 event series– From February 29th til March 2nd, ACHO Marianas... [Read more of this review]