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Junior Brechtefeld 9:20am Apr 28

I have been asked several times the meaning of “Ouss”, so for those who are still in the grey in regards to the word’s meaning I got the following definition from Urban Dictionary –

OUSS – Noun (OW-SSSSS): The rushing exhale of air from the lungs formed into a specific and semi-uniform word while exerting oneself. Similar to a Japanese Kiai. Ouss was made popular in a system of martial arts known as Kuntao Jiu-Jitsu.

It is also used when greeting or leaving a Superior in a KJJ dojo. It serves as a sign of respect and conveys one’s intentions to give all that they have (in effort and attention).

Further emphasis can also be given with an additional syllable. “Ouss-Ahhh”. Not to be mistake for the softer and gentler “Oo-sah” done in meditation.
(While being struck) “Ousss”

(While delivering a strike) “”Ousss”

(As a greeting or goodbye) “Ouss”

I hope this clears things up for everyone. God bless and take care. See you all on the mat today. If the Judo guys are on the mat be prepared to train boxing and kickboxing in the table tennis area ok. Catch you all there


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