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Hafa Adai,

It seems that Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts  are everywhere these days… If were not watching it on the UFC or youtube, then the frequency of events here on Guam stays busy enough to keep those offline and off the grid entertained and hopefully, at some point, educated about the evolution of martial skill. The fast-accelerated refining  of technique and  the exponential advance of physical conditioning combined brilliantly with a Jedi’s worth of martial strategy is arguably breeding the greatest hand to hand fighters in the history of mankind.

Not too long ago, in some ways for a whole lot of people, martial arts competition was in many ways sensitive territory. Martial arts in massive seemed to be centered around self-defense and fighting skill was mostly used only when absolutely needed.  Today, it seems that there’s a major mixed martial arts event every weekend, there are millions of videos on the internet, there are more martial arts publications to count, and online fight sport forums are populated by the millions who have an opinion and an interest for who might be the world’s greatest fighter.

In prior thinking, the more time spent in martial arts seemingly certified better skill and this gave us the confidence that more time well spent will guarantee skill above others and would keep us that much safer from any single assailant. What we have discovered in the UFCs Octagon is that experience doesn’t always lead to victory. And with all the training manuals so wide-open—it doesn’t take nearly as long to be a tough guy. How did we feel when John Jones, barely five years, into the sport made short work of lifetime martial artist Lyoto Machida, How did we feel when the great Jiujitsu legend Marcelo Garcia lost to referee stoppage in his first(MMA bout against a seasoned yet no-name competitor? And further rewinding how did we feel when the fancy kicks and fancy punches once adorned in martial arts fell fast victim to very basic jiujitsu which looked at the time like primitive and unrefined violence. Who ever thought that wrapping your legs around another man could be so fight-threatening?

In the past 15years we have been uprooted in what we might have thought to be the best in martial arts. Thankfully what was uprooted was not left discarded and now all the arts are sprouting and sharing seeds in the much bigger flower pot that is regarded today as Mixed Martial Arts competiton.

Its safe to say that weve graduated beyond the question of which art is best, though we might be confident in our personal answers—what MMA has taught us is an appreciation for them all. We can  see the logic in different discipline cross-over training.  We recognize there are no secrets to what it takes to become a successful competitor. And we know that where theres a will there is most certainly a way as some type of self-improvement…ooops. training is more accessible than ever before.

So with everything above  in mind, What type of citizen will Guam’s venture through Sport fighting  provide in the next 20 years? What kind of competitive martial arts environment does Guam surround itself with today? Is it more competitive? Or is it more martial arts? Though both definitely can develop great characters of the spirit—in such a large population of students and teachers in our current training atmosphere will we see more of the the wisdom and skill of Mr.Miyagi or will our be breathing the mettle of Conan the Barbarian.  Depending on which way you look at it—both are good things.

With our hands as deep and  our eyes as wide as they are into the industry—our people are in better position than ever to steer the growing interest in fight sport towards servicing the community with the Spirit of Perseverance so we can best activate the very real  Strength  and Honor from the blood sweat and tears from the efforts of our islands competitors…on and off the Podium, inside and outside of the limelight.

It seems today that Guam is not overly consumed with which fighter is best. We are seasoned enough in the sport and lifestyle, we are blessed with good leaders, and we are gifted with great alliances abroad. Todays fight sport is escorting our athletes to their physical peaks. Seeing this up-front and knowing this inside, From every seat in a full-capacity event–Its important that we try to move consciously to set the environment not just for great fighters but also for responsible citizens. Not  just with the interests of keeping our communities safe and our people honorable but also by sharpening the minds of those in training to best recognize martial arts done responsibly, can be a ridiculously powerful  vehicle  to pave their roads ahead  for  (hopefully)  well-deserved persevering , productive, and extremely exciting  lives.

Thanks for dropping by.


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