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In November of last year ago i took a visit to Hawaii and snapped this picture of  guy who mightve been older than the bunch but was absolutely KILLING it on an SUP..Never knew who he was(Still dont). The picture was such a telltale photo of Hawaii…older dude, on a stand up paddle, just into take off…We dug the photo so much that we actually made our frst standup paddle shirt out of it.

March 29th,2012 almost six months later…i paddle out to Pops for amorning swim about 3oyards in to retrieve my board after a failed takeoff and this same guy retrieves my paddle and brings it to me with nothing but Aloha.. and proceeds to the lineup where he continued to SHRED..and I still dont know who he is.

What goes around defintiely does come around…gonna have to find a way to get this guy a tanktop that he likely doesnt even know exists.

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