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We got into the clothing venture because we saw that Guam needed a dedicated label and tasteful product that could present Guam to the world  Respectfully.  That was in 1997. Time has flown and almost 20years later, we have seen more than 100 local clothing label s rise  since then with over 60currently  in operation, 30 of these still extremely active with several of them with flagship stores  and soaring! TREMENDOUS!!

It was filling the gap between sport and ambition with what we felt was  fashionable and island-serving.

Today this is still the case but  now there is a room full of labels standing ready, willing, and –more than ever–able to deliver.

The rise and breath of our local clothing industry  is a win for Guam as whole. Its great to see our  island having different creative options to share what might harbor their love for things local.

We had ventured into button shirts before doing shorts sleeve and some long sleeve flannels but only had them in occasional and sporadic releases. We crafted up some samples of button designs using local island  prints, but still friends and family were referring to these as “Aloha Shirts”

Before going further–first let it be said that we have absolutely nothing against “Aloha”. Though The Mariana Islands is thousands of miles apart from Hawaii–we’ve always had a respect for their gravity and efforts in the water, We’ve appreciated their hospitality and perfect weather,; i_in many ways we’ve embraced Hawaii as a sister island.

But what we feel that what we celebrate local–shouldn’t be done so in a foreign tongue, nor do we have to use overseas images, or tuck ourselves away in the shadow of someone else’s identity  to convey an island vibe r to manifest island treasures.

This is what F Sharp is for: To provide quality and comfortable island formal attire–with local elements as our staple to Share Guam as a paradise destination, a resilient people, and an asset to the world around us. We aim to greet with Hafa Adai authentic attire, and we aim to resonate this vibe engineered through an island-rooted  lifestyle to suit the needs from the beach to the Bassllica and everywhere in between



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    F SHARP!!!

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