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Heads Up!

LLP is a proud partner of PRO Fighting, bringing you the best mixed martial arts events!!!

Taiwan’s premiere Mixed Martial Arts organization, PRO Fighting is preparing for WAR!!! Come witness the HOTTEST sport in the world, SUNDAY, AUGUST 1st, 2010 @ LUXY, featuring fighters from around the world. Definitely, the ULTIMATE combat experience of Summer 2010, with special performances, full-contact striking, powerful takedowns, joint locks, breathtaking chokeholds, & action-packed fights all night long. Bring your friends & get your tickets before they’re gone b/c this is the show you’ve been waiting to see!! Pacific Rim Organized Fighting presents: PRO Fighting IV “180

RINGSIDE: NT$1000 + 1 drink
GENERAL: NT$500 + 1 drink
VIP Box Seats Also Available

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????: NT$1000 + 1 drink
??: NT$500 + 1 drink


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