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  1. ARNOLD IAEA (e-ya-ya) on Thu, 18th Dec 2008 5:04 am 

    Travelled all the way from Hawaii on business. Saw waves. Urge for a standup paddle board. And through the community of Guam “Beach Boys” the mission of FOKAI was spread. The word on the street was that off of a narrow side street in Tumon, Guam was a humble sports shop. It was there that I found the greatest of “Aloha” from Roman Dela Cruz who returned me back to the ocean on his standup paddle board. Not just any paddle board…a Brian Kealulana and Dave Parmeter “WATERMAN” C4 paddle board.

    If you’re ever in Guam, you must visit FOKAI just to experience the karma, good spirit and Aloha that this shop brings.

    Thanks Roman and Steve for preserving my spirit and soul for surfing during my visit in Guam. And thanks for “supporting our troops”.

    Aloha…until we meet again.

  2. marlene zamora on Thu, 12th Feb 2009 10:34 am 

    looking for another sicker like the large one shown on the front doot of the store… lol…was given to me as a gift. however, when we tried to apply it to my vehicle.. the adhesive no longer was any good! to my understanding, it was called a cellphone sticker! please let me know! marlene zamora

  3. ActiveBiz on Sat, 25th Apr 2009 4:04 pm 

    VRy interesting to read it :P :D

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