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HERM! Sorry for the 20Questions, but here we go if can…

If possible, can you give us a brief history of your fight career?

How long have you been training and what brought you into MMA?
who got you started? What keeps you going?
i started training when i was 14 years old at ground-fu yona. what interested me in mma was the compettiveness in the sport and i also wanted to see what i was made of and if i could do it. what keeps me going is the aunor of representing the beautiful island and people of guam. it is my way of giving back to the island!
How has your experience in other sports played in the role of your training?
i played football and felt the competativenes of it and i was hungry for something even more than that!

How did you connect with Strikeforce? What brought you to SanDiego?

i got connected with strike force from a family member tony anderson. what brought me to san diego was i had family here and i knew mma was big here and it was my goal to make it as a fighter and i knew this would be a great place to start!

Who are you training with and what is training like for you today?

today i train at purebred undisputed in san diego ith baret yoshida. training today is very hard and intense.
You”ve fought in some bigger event and have caught the attention of many promoters–what is your ambitions in MMA?
my ambitions in mma is to represent the island and people of guam aunest respectfully and humbley!!! i want to show the world who chamorro people are!!

do you come across Guam fighter-athletes in California?
i do come across other guam competitors here and i always give them a shocka and tell them to kick some ass.

How does it feel to know that Guam has embraced MixedMartialArts for so long?

hahaha. it feels good to know that guam has a good and long history in mma.

Does fighting alongside another Guam fighter (JoeDuarte) make any difference in your fight this coming weekend?
fighting next to another guam fighter makes me even more confident and feel good bcs we are one no matter what.

Are you allowed to talk about your experience with TheUltimateFighter tryouts?
if so–please elaborate? the ultamate fighter show is just looking for guys with personality and people that are going to make good tv ratings.

Message for other Guam fighters? Message for Guam fans?

message to the guam fighters is keep pushing and training hard and you will succeed!!! message to the fans of guam is i am doing the best i can to represent the island of guam humbely respctfully as i can i fight for you and have you in my heart everytime i step in the cage!!!!

Anything else you might want to mention?
i love Guam!!!!!!!



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