“F” is for FreestyleSessions:

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Heres a video edit from the Fokai SoCal Project with Cros One of Freestyle Sessions, one of the
World’s most recognized and established breakdancing / B-Boy events. Watch this breakdown as he talks about the elevation of the game, its past, present, and future, and bringing the big show  to his backyard, San Diego.

CULTIVATING THE SPIRIT: TheTruth Doesn’t Always Hurt

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Much respect for Brandon Vera who has been supporting us sinceeversince. Real stoked to see how friends and family from Guam have confided in Alliance MMA’s proven program. Hope and trust that the island vibe and martial arts experience may yield mutual benefits
for those and theirs. Thanks Brandon and Mabuhay Lahat!

POW Wow: Support Our Troops

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Follow Fokai on Facebook.com/fokaiofficialpage

Follow Fokai on Facebook.com/fokaiofficialpage



Heres a link to a cool video on a real dope vehicle for military veteran services. Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics: Via ToddV ance and the L.A.Times

On Deck: Adrian Morilla Muay Thai

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Follow Fokai on Facebook.com/fokaiofficialpage

Follow Fokai on Facebook.com/fokaiofficialpage


Congratulations and Good Luck to Fokai Familia’s Adrian Morilla who will be competing against Coke Chunhawat at the October 13th event at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, CA.



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Recently had theopportunity to share in teh good vibes with the FokaiSoCalProject extended familia in Mexico.


In just 24hours…you can get a tattoo. tour a Golf Course, Chill with Pedro , DrinkRattleSnakeTequila,Get rid of your family’s bad karma, hold a cougars paw and a Shaman’s eagle feathers if you happen to cross paths with these amazing human beings.

A Man measures you the way you meaasure him..A positive attitude and good intentions can take you further in life than you might imagine.

Thanks sincere Luka and Roach..FreestyleTattooStudio..all day!
much respect and more to come with our kin and their kindness South of the Border.

Por Vida!


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Goood times w/TheFokaiSoCalProject. Thanks Jeff,Omar, and JohnJohn–GoodVibrations for the long road ahead!


Pretty blown away by opportunities available @ PurebredUnd1sputed 3038UniversityAvenue North Park ,SanDiego.  Reliable boxing, MMA, Jiujitsu, Kickboxing, and fitness programs facilitated by qualified and proven instructors in synchronicity of GoodVibrations plus the will to improve and learn–pave the way for greatness and achievment and even for the most challenged.

Its history of championship belts, tournament trophies, battle-proven  fighter-athletes and competitors ; an absolutely honorable program with the POW group, a Submission grappling program dedicated to the Spirit of Martial Arts, and  the imminent population of people looking for self-improvement; —we are proud be a part of this ethic and etiquette.  we feel honored to eat at the table of this family. thanks everyone

Exhaust the Body. Proceed the Mind. Cultivate the Spirit…or at the very least–try to.


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This is Fokai’sSan Diego home for MMA and cultivation. a brotherhood of all sorts–this has been the engine used to help fuel, drive, and direct a multitude of Guam fighter athletes towards real results. PurebredUnd1sputed is also home to our extended friends and family on the WestCoast.

GoodVibrations for sure.


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Using intrinsic motivation and the battle buddy model to motivatie and empower todays Combat Veteran.


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TBoogie Anderson offering a token of appreciation and a hats off from fokai for Todd Vance’s POW Program at PurebredUndisputed in SanDiego.

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