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Enroute to another and revamp.

We were going over old notes and came along this page in history…

Heres a makeshift blueprint we sent to Ed Cruz of the website development company Lead Design for the fokai website we were shooting for back in 2004. Thought the site has obviously been engineered differently–the soul is still in place…


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I am writing on behalf of MMA.TV to express our interest in covering
> the upcoming event on May 7th.  As the world leader in Mixed Martial
> Arts coverage we are always looking to expand our market domination.
> As of December 2004 (k-1 Grand Prix) we have committed extensive
> resources in an attempt to expand our markets.  At this time we are
> cover a limited number of events in Asia and the South Pacific.  When
> I first learned of the events on Guam it peaked my interest greatly.
> Firstly because it is an American territory and therefore English
> speaking so the language challenges faced elsewhere would be
> eliminated.  Secondly outside of the "BIG 3" (K-1, Pride, UFC) this
> event is near the top in terms of draw.  We feel that by partnering
> with Fokai that we might be able to obtain a true MMA.TV customer.  To
> us at MMA.TV valuable patrons are what drives our business.
Over the past several years the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has
grown at an exponential rate.  An example of this is the Ultimate
Fighter television show that just recently concluded it's airing on
Spike TV.  The finally of the season captured a 2.6 Nelson Rating or
2.6 million views during prime time American TV.  This was the first
time in American History that a MMA fight was held on cable TV.  This
rating has prompted talks between the UFC and ABC about a second
season.  MMA is already the most popular sport in Japan and is gaining
momentum in the US.  Boxing is without a Heavy Weight Champion and
thus leaves an opportunity to gain a large share of the market place.
We feel that Guam has a possibility of obtaining a large role in the
development of MMA as well as the opportunity to showcase itself as a
destination.  There are currently only a handful of events in the US
that sell as many seats as the Fokai/Fury events.  We feel that Fokai
with the assistance of MMA.TV can place these events among the most
watched in the US.  Along with this comes a vast untouched market for
tourist revenues.  The average MMA fan is male between the ages of
18-35 years old.  Guam can benefit from its unique location in many of
the same ways that Hawaii has.  By being an Island Paradise with many
other attractions such as scuba diving, shopping, beach, golf, it has
the ability to cross promote with MMA.  Guam can sell itself to fight
fans as not only having world class events but many other things to do
for a 7 day vacation.
As for Guam and its role in developing the sport and its athletes:
From my last visit to Guam I believe that MMA is the number one sport
on the Island.  Because the sport is still in the development stage in
many US places this becomes a great advantage.  When people start
training as a young age, with the right training, coaching, and desire
they can advance to the top of MMA quickly.  Unlike other sports there
is no height or weight requirement, due to weight classes.  MMA unlike
a fully developed sport like basketball that will now only accept the
.01% of all players MMA promoters are searching for talent.  In other
words the demand for the sport has out paced the supply.  If Guam
becomes finically, and socially committed to producing athletes there
is no doubt that marquee talent will emerge.
In my opinion Fokai has done and will continue to do an excellent job
with it's marketing, as well as its reputation in the MMA community. 
At this time I feel that in order for Guam to make the next step in
its development into a fight tourism destination several things must
be done:
Ø	Advertising to the MMA community
Ø	Develop and promote a marquee fighter
Ø	Take event size to the next level with recognized names (BJ Penn ect…..)
Ø	Develop a multi-media package (DVDs and print media / Pay Per View)
Ø	Vertical Marketing plan with other Guam activities 
I feel that with the accomplishments of things on this list Guam would
rival Hawaii and possibly surpass Hawaii in regards to MMA generated
revenue.  Guam has a distinct advantage due to its location.  Firstly
it is a US territory and therefore much more accessible to US markets.
 Second is that is in close proximity to Japan.  Guam has the ability
to attract the best talent from both the US and Japan as well as fans
from both nations.
I feel that Guam currently has a wonderful opportunity to become a
player on a global stage with MMA.  The sport is young and its growth
will continue to be staggering over the next 10 years.  Guam right now
is one of a limited number of hot spots for MMA.  We hope that Guam
will decide to take advantage of this and promote not only MMA but the
beauty of the island itself.  At MMA.TV we hope that we can be of
assistance and be your partner for many years to come.

I hope that helps.......I am looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days
best regards,

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