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Making an offering to the BigTreee and it’s Spirits in TheVillage.
800Years old, the tree stands at the base of the mountain alongside the Village and lake where we harvest our Grasshopper&Village Bean Coffee. Respect for the elders. Regards for Friends aand Family


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Time flies when you’re having fun–or so they say. But not necessarily.

April 25th,2013…It’s been 15years to the date since fokai first opened for business…or so to speak. April 25th, 1998 marks the fokai’s first day in commerce and fokai logo’s  introduction en masse to professional and competitive no holds barred fighting; in many ways the baptism of the fokai oval. It was Superbrawl 7, with Fokai Industries co-founder John Calvo headlining the main event against the UFC Champion@the time Dan Severn. shirts were being sold out of a backpack during the event and the island of Guam was introduced to what they perceived to be “TeamFokai”, the fighting group. Although this mislabeling created some serious differeing of opinions in the community–the small controversy of the adaptation of “Fokai” , which was often digested as vulgarity, and attaching it to any type of fight oriented setting left .it was very easy to be perceived as a fighting group. The truth was, in fact, that Fokai was started originally to be a surf-brand, it was ultimately the lack of surf that led its original founders to Jiujitsu. And it was through Jiujitsu that it’s originators,  Patrick Fleming and Roman Dela Cruz, would reconnect with an old friend, John Calvo—and where conversations on the porch led to stickers and stickers led to heat transfers and then months later it was April 25th, 1998.

Fokai had  already been years in conversation of starting a surf clothing company and even more years of “fokai” sounding cool and being drawn on bodyboards,surfboards, and skateboard  decks. For surfers in their early , its often harder to imagine anything else even remotely close to giving the enjoyment and stoke of surfing . But retrospectively speaking,  It was the lack of surf, the pursuit of adventure and self-improvement, and the camaraderie of brothers that gave catalyst to the first stock  of tshirts made available for commerce.

The shirts, distributed mostly from backpacks and cardboard boxes inched forward and made it into the trunks of cars . For the limited edition shirts they were stored authentically in “the black box”. It was the growing requests for product cooperating with the goodwill of friends and growing faith for the fokai label, movement, and purpose—that the satellilte distribution program was activated.

First stemming out through as VJ Santos distributed to family members down south and Ted Vida distributed to -workers, friends and family in the north, the program also circulated product through others who were there to help. We will always have gratitude for   Kie Susuico,  Shawn Camacho, Joe Nauta, Godwyn Quitugua,Tina Calvo, Pete Ungacta, Joe Mansapit, and Melchor Manibusan, and Justin Guzman  who have all worked earnestly to circulate product distribution. The growing stems of the Satellite distributors made it possible for the product to get to their friends and families and actually made up the majority of product distribution.

TEAM FOKAI: Despite the humble efforts of  the company to campaign fokai as a clothing company with the intention to promotoe perseverance and initation–Controversy continued to loom as the misinterpretation of  “Team Fokai’ continued to resonate throughout the community.  It was in the course of this time that


Saina Ma’ase from fromtheheart.  Everything has been possible from your love and support. 15years and counting. ForLife.Sinceeversince.Fokai

Abs by Friday and Crispy Hundreds

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Abs by Friday and Crispy Hundreds

Never underestimate the power of alcohol.
On April 12th after fishing up an old picture on my cellphone.The photo was taken in 2008 during a circuit training session at a friends house which was then the location of the Spike22Academy. Some friends had a look and laughed saying tha the picture was just a thing of the past. i confidently  replied that I could get back to that shape in a week (or so i thought). A friend offered a bet saying otherwise for 100dollars Convinced that I could handle the job I asked them to up the wager to 300dollars. The conversation snowballed and hands were shaken @600dollars. It was a week of real training and good diet. With two 1-hour workouts on Saturday through Monday and then proceeded to Three hard 1hour workouts Tuesday and Wednesday then 4 good workouts on Thursday. Meals were first Granola for breakfast , Bibimbap for Lunch and Granola for dinner with trail mix in between for snacks, from Saturday til Tuesday and then afer that it was nothing but lite tuna straight out of the can for breakfast lunch and dinner the rest of the way staying away from Sodas but with a sugarless coffee in the morning. As the wager was arranged to come correct by high noon, I was only able to get in 40minutes on the Eliptical with a Plyometric Circuit(for the pump) and then a Wrestling, Mitwork and Circuit session before checking in. Arriving just short of the goal from what was a truly difficult endeavor. So leaving with this. Did I just waste 600dollars and hours of hard training? Or rather spend that money well ona slingshot back to fitness…
Regardless it was a good effort and at the very least, proud to have survived those workouts ,surprised to wokthroughassuch accordingly and now eager for a hopefully revamped workout and diet regimen. So the moral of this story is…the best results don’t necessarily come fast and though we should never underestimate the power of alcohol–we can never truly write off the Spirit of Perseverance.

Exhaust the Body. Proceed themind. Culitvate the Spirit.

From the Heart

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Follow Fokai on

Follow Fokai on


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TheGoldentToken makes its way to the top of Mt.Manggu in BedugulBali. Roughly a 4hour climb through some real terrain–Wayan,TheHolyMan, Agus, and Romemake their way to the top to pray for among other things…friends,Family,Hope,&Faith.


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Hanauma Bay  in Hawaii represetns alot of good things that identify Hawaii–Abundant sea life, respect for the environment, and community service as well as quality hospitality. the Fokai/YamatoDamashii IchizokuToken is properly positioned into one of the many assets of Aloha rooted with EnsonInoue– FokaiInternational World ambassador , founder  and patriarch of the YamatoDamashiiIchizoku and brother for life .


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A few months after receiving a gift from the ancestors of Gokna village–finally had a chance to pay homage to those spirits with the goodvibrations of the golden token. VoodooMagic…


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