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We’ve hgeard alot about Enson INoue in the past fifteen years. from his rise in his career-shifting defeat of that-the-time UFC Champion Randy Cotoure in ValeTudo Japan to his neversay¬† wars in PrideFighting Championships. From his incarceration for walking the green path to his return from retirement submission victory over Antz Nansen in Astra in Japan. Up close and personal Enson is truly a man of action who can keep you on your toes, knock you on your ass–but in the end can be there to pick you up when you should fall. Even when some give up on him he surrenders for no one. Follow him on FACEBOOK and see what risk hes taking and what hes doing in yet another display to a different side of the Japanese FightingSpirit.

For him Yamato Damashii is truly a way of life–Ladies and Gentlemenensblog..the Real Enson Inoue

TheNewHorizonsOfGuamGrappling:via NealKranz

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Exciting opportunities arise: New wrestling styles will be brought into wider spotlight

Welcome to the New World of Wrestling.

For the last few years this slogan has been displayed on the website of FILA, the International Wrestling Federation, as well as just about every piece of correspondence it produces. Now, the Guam Amateur Wrestling Federation is proud to follow suit and announce its movement to include the newly recognized wrestling styles of grappling, pankration, submission grappling, beach wrestling and mixed martial arts.

So far FILA, the only organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee to oversee all styles of wrestling, has not moved to have the IOC consider any of these styles for inclusion in the Olympic Games. Still, some people involved see that possibility as the next inevitable step in FILA’s quest to expand and strengthen the stance of wrestling in the world of international sport. So what does this mean for Guam? It means a lot.

Everyone knows that there are a huge number of people practicing these styles at a number of gyms across the island, and rarely a day goes by without some form of media attention being paid to a Guam athlete’s accomplishment on the mat. Logically, the first step to making the most of this wonderful opportunity for the island is to get as many people together that are already involved in these styles and to plan the way forward.

For this purpose, the Guam Amateur Wrestling Federation would like to invite any person who would like to be involved in this exciting new phase of Guam’s participation in international mat competition to a meeting 4 p.m. April 16 at the Guam National Olympic Committee third-floor meeting room in Mongmong-Toto-Maite.

With so much mat knowledge and mat experience on the island, it is truly exciting to think of the possibilities for Guam’s athletes, especially if the people with the knowledge and passion for these styles decide to get involved on the ground floor.

Once this initial planning is done, the next step is to have as many people on Guam become as knowledgeable as possible about the intricacies of the styles being promoted by FILA. To this end, there is a multi-country coaches’ clinic scheduled for this May at the Spike 22 gym in Tamuning.

This clinic will bring together officials and coaches from across the Pacific. It will include as many coaches as possible from Guam who want to learn more about these styles. This is a great opportunity for all people involved in any form of mat sport to get first-hand training in what is sure to be the sporting styles of the future.

And where will it go from there? Well, what comes next remains to be seen. Fans of the Oceania Wrestling Championships will be glad to hear that there are plans to have grappling in next year’s event in Canberra, Australia.

Also, plans are in full swing to have the 2013 Oceania Championships here on Guam and to include grappling in the program, as well as the traditional styles of international wrestling.

Exciting opportunities arise: New wrestling styles will be brought into wider spotlight
These two events alone will bring the new styles of wrestling into a much wider, regional spotlight and will provide a chance for the countries of the Oceania region to see Guam shine. No matter what happens, though, it is extremely exciting to think of the new opportunities Guam’s athletes are being given to do their best and to represent the island.

For more information regarding the April 16 meeting, please call Jerome Fejerang at 483-8917.

Neal Kranz is president of the Guam Amateur Wrestling Federatio


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Hafa adai.

Congratulations again to Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy’s Mike Carbullido for capturing the gold in the medium heavyweight adult bluebelt division in the 2010 American National Jiu-Jitsu Championships and to instructor Gabe Baker for returning home with the bronze.

Guam did well in the 2010 Mr. Olympia Grappling Challenge in Las Vegas on Sept. 25 as Ron Okada won first place in the Men’s 139-pound Intermediate Class and Ted Vida won the gold in the Men’s BJJ Purple Belt Executive Division also taking silver in the Master’s Executive No-Gi Advanced 149-pound Class.

And congratulations go to Team Guam in the MACP 2010 U.S. Army Championships Combatives Tournament at Ft. Benning, Ga., this past weekend. Represented by 12 soldiers and airmen from the Guam National Guard in what was supposed to be a 16-man team, Guam placed 11th out of 67 teams.

Spike 22 Academy has started Greco-Roman Wrestling Camp slated from Oct. 1 through Jan. 10 in preparation for the Christo-Lutte 2011 Greco-Roman Tournament scheduled in France on Jan. 29.

Good luck to Josh Calvo. He’s fresh off a win in late August, and will be facing undefeated Strikeforce veteran Lyle Beerbohm at Rumble On The Ridge Oct. 30.

Saipan MMA is on for Oct. 29 with Trench Warz 13: Vengeance at the Saipan World Resort, and grapplers are getting ready for the next Marianas Open slated for Dec. 4.

Its pretty amazing at how well our islands are doing abroad in competition and how much attention has arrived to the island via the trials of our fighting islanders.

Professional fighting as a sport has really come far. With rules in place in a controlled environment — the ways of fist and feet have truly proven to be a thing of athletics and to be one of the more technical sports around today.

Across the world, not too long ago, and maybe even still, critics have accused MMA as being a form of bloodbath and brutality. Often blind to the more-than-obvious skill requirements to compete on a respectable level, these skeptics have even tried pushing for the banning of these events.

ow do these same skeptics feel now, seeing big industry players like Burger King and EA Sports investing into this same sport, and how would those skeptics feel if they ever saw the post-fight resolutions we’ve seen after epic confrontations such as BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes, Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock or, locally, Stephen Roberto vs. Manny Chong?

MMA — local and abroad — has proven that even after the highest forms of physical confrontation, forgiveness takes place, winner and loser often resolve, and seeds often arrive with the fallen fruit.

We are fortunate today to have a champion stable of gentlemen and thinking people.

This, and the sciences applied in the greatest form of confrontation, have illustrated many times over that we have long graduated from barbaric to athletic.

This is an episode playing throughout the planet as we are reintroduced to the increasingly difficult sport of modern and very professional gladiators.

A contender yesterday, a champion today, and maybe an upset tomorrow.This is what keeps it exciting. This is mixed martial arts.

Justice is served … with the legalization of MMA; authority is earned … not just by commissions and lawmakers but through the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to excel in the bluntest display of true athletics.

Hopefully, in appreciation for this growing acceptance across the planet, our local players and local industry can recognize and execute in our efforts — so that we are not lost in the process of justifying fighting and we are found in the ventures of authorizing athletes. There is a difference.

Thanks for dropping by.


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Guam’s Josh Calvo willbe fighting again in RumbleOnTheRidge¬† 14th OCtober30th against undefeated Strikeforce veteran Lyle Beerbohm.


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TheAftermathConversation after FrankURCC Philippinesk Camacho’s defeat in theURCC Philippines


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A Guam contingent of Brazilian jiu-jitsu players won 34 medals and took second place in the team category at the Asian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championships teamguam2last weekend in Tokyo, Japan.

The American Red Cross

The Asian Open is the largest jiu-jitsu tournament in Asia and one of the five most prestigious tournaments in the world, according to Stephen Roberto, head instructor of Purebred Guam/Lloyd Irvin Jiu-jitsu Academy.

Joining the team were black belts Mike Fowler and Jonathan “JT” Torres. Fowler and Torres are from Purebred’s affiliate school in Maryland. Fowler is a former instructor at Purebred.


The tournament divided competitors by belt ranking, weight class and age, according to the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s official website.

The senior level is for competitors born between 1970 and 1974. The master level includes competitors born between 1975 and 1980 while the adult division is for competitors over the age of 18. The absolute division disregards the competitor’s weight class.

Roberto won gold in the heavyweight and absolute divisions at the black belt senior level. Fowler finished second in the middleweight division and earned a fourth-place bronze medal in the absolute division of the black belt adult level. Torres was first in the lightweight division and also took home the third-place bronze medal in the absolute division adult level. Roberto said the IBJJF gives out bronze medals to third- and fourth-place finishers in divisions that have a high number of competitors. Fowler and Torres were the lightest competitors in the absolute division, he added.

Terence Aflague won gold in the middleweight division and bronze in the absolute division at the black belt master level. Roberto said this was Aflague’s first tournament as a black belt.

William Escobar won a silver medal in the middleweight division at the brown belt master division.

Joshua Jerome, Eric Sian, James Paek, Javier Mirelez and Mike Sanchez all competed at the purple belt adult level. Jerome was first in the ultra heavyweight division. Sian won gold and Paek won bronze in the medium heavyweight division. Mirelez won bronze in the middleweight division and Sanchez finished first in the light featherweight division.


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vaughn post fight


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