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Rome, much Aloha for stoppin by my booth at the Micronesian Fest. It was a blessing to meet up with you. Being Fokai is my way of living and I will always BE a Fokai Boy For Life. You, Enson, Tony A. and da whole familia has been nothing but positive vibes keeping me going in my struggle to live.




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It’s A FamilyThing!


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K-1WorldMax, FuryFCF, and JungleRules veteran PatrickAyuyu of the Mariana Islands embracing his culture, discovering his role, and making a difference@13N144E


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GoHand in Hand.

Very appreciative of all the support that has come for me as a  person and as a proud employee of FokaiInternational. Things truly couldnt have happened without the support and love of Friends and Family. Respect from the start.Gratitude for Life.

For the undying support from East,West,North, and South. these are for you..


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Las Vegas-20110323-00106

Adrian Diaz of ttheFokaiFamilia. Creativity,Generosity,Posititvity…It’sAFamilyThing.



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Fokai as translated in Japanese. If a picture tells a thousand words. what can a video do? Thanks for the support. It’sA FamilyThing. ForLife


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Hi Rome,

This is what Fokai and Yamatodamashii mean to me:
In a broad sense, Fokai and Yamatodamashii signify the philosophy of “giving it your all” or using everything you have to accomplish your goals. In today’s world, many of us are faced with almost limitless options, but we only have limited resources to apply to those options and opportunities. Because of this, it’s easy to skate by without devoting a significant amount of energy or time to any one thing. Fokai and Yamatodamashii represent finding something you’re passionate about, that moves you, and giving everything you have towards that end.
On the mats, Fokai and Yamatodamashii specifically signify challenging yourself to grow and improve in training, competing with heart and tenacity, and refusing to give up when facing adversity.
In my heart, Fokai and Yamatodamashii are represented in the faces of my teammates, my family at Purebred and Und1sputed, who show up day in and day out, to push me, make me stronger, and help me grow. It represents my BJJ pedigree, a foundation of strength and determination, and a Familia that I’ve grown to love.


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Roman”Boom”Alvarez of the AlvarezRacingteam and TrenchTechAcademyIMG00801-20101209-2329


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