Walk This Way:Enson’s Footsteps Across Japan

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Conditions for ENSON’s walk across Japan
After careful thought I’ve decided on strict conditions for my walk across the whole country of Japan. After all the walk is for the people in North Japan that are still struggling everyday, so I decided that I would use whatever I could in the walk to benefit the people.

First of all, there are 3 things that inspired this walk across Japan
1. The lack of funds the people have for everyday necessities.
2. The people of the world has forgotten the people of North Japan because it is no longer in the media.
3. Suicide is a big problem with the elderly that have been left homeless and feel they have no reason to continue living.

The way this walk will help these 3 points is:
For point number one, I am taking pledges to destinyforeverorders@gmail.com that will fund a big Xmas event up North on Xmas day, that ill provide the people with supplies such as, rice, water, pet foid, clothes, toiletries, beer, snacks, presents, and Xmas cakes.

For point number two, with my social media such as Facebook and various MMA sites, i will bring awareness to thousands of people that the people of North Japan are still struggling day by day.

For point number three, I’ve decided to add a strict rule that I can eat and drink only the food and water I can carry. The only exception is if someone gives us food or water as an offering. Also we have to find a place to sleep outdoors every night unless we are offered a place to sleep.
This will put me close to the situation they are currently in.
I will be low on supplies, having unstable sleeping quarters every night and will be depending on help from others for strength to continue.

By making this conditions to make this already incredible journey so much harder, I want to inspire them and give them hope and faith to go on.

This will cover approximately 2200 kilometers or about 1360 miles. The distance I got was for this trek is from a highway course and am aware that a walking course may be much longer and since it won’t cut through mountains it will be much tougher.

I know many of you think I’m crazy or feel that I may be taking on too much this time, and you maybe right. But this is what I believe, it will take to help these people and possibly save some lives! God has given me the opportunity to reach out to many on my social media and I believe it would be best used to help others than prosper financially myself. However, I will gain a lot of happiness through this grueling journey by accomplishing the happiness of giving, true happiness.

Please pledge what you can per mile and be a part of this journey. A penny a mile will obligate you to only $13 when the walk is done. $13 will buy water for a family for month or feed a family rice for 2 weeks. Also feel free to take you own pledges and join me on the walk for as far as you like. The cities I will be passing through is:
Rikuzen Takada

If not, you can follow me on Facebook and experience this incredible journey with me.

Tentative start date is September 11th. 9-11.
May the victims in New York rest in peace.

There is no better way to die…
than in the mist of a battle…
fighting to the very end, like a Man.

Enson Inoue


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CptF. pays a visit to a country that has never lost a war, the land of the world’s most adventurous driving, and one of the world’s most promising the homes of craftsmanship and opportunity.

photos will follow within the next few days.




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rollapalooza4-9280-1.jpgThe rollapalooza organizers would like to thank everyone for another positive weekend for Pinoy BJJ!  Up-and-comers from all the major jiu-jitsu teams from the Philippines shared divisions in order to test their techniques for the upcoming 2010 competition season at the Ateneo Martial Arts Center, Ateneo de Manila University Campus.

The featherweight blue/purple division comprised of recent Tokyo Open champion Carlo Pena and Jan Cortez of Atos-VPF, purple belts Richard Lasprilla of Gracie Barra Philippines and Chester Dapo of Josh Russell Jiu Jitsu Canada and 2009 World’s female gold medalist Maybelline Masuda may have been the highlight of the weekends action.

An event designed to both develop the talents of local BJJ practitioners in preparation for international tournaments and strengthen the bonds among the different teams, the grassroots tournament accomplished both again in its 4th edition to great effect.  The whole community has plenty to gain when its members choose to work together the way everyone at the venue did this past weekend.

DAY 1: Gi

Yellow Belt:
G – Eros Baluyot (VPF)
S – Ram Fransisco (Newbreed)

White Belt

G – Gian Dee (VPF)
S – Eros Baluyot (VPF
B – Pinggoy Danguilan (VPF)
B – Rytz Nunez

G – Ricky Poblador (VPF)
S – Jose Marie Rodriguez (Davao)
B – Justin Danguilan (VPF)
B – Patrick Gambe (Stanley’s)

G – Aldo Vergel de dios (VPF)
S – Rey Joson (Newbreed)
B – Luis Nazareno (VPF)

G – Isaiah Ordiz (Team Paranaque)
S – Sam Santiago (Gracie Barra Phils.)
B – Allen Oblena (Newbreed)

G – Matt Jao (VPF)
S – Jan Habana (Gracie Barra Phils.

Blue/Purple Belt:

G – Jan Cortez (VPF)
S – Carlo Pena (VPF)
B – Richard Lasprilla (Gracie Barra Phils.)

G – Nestor Ponce (VPF)
S – Raymond Varilla (Gracie Barra Phils.)

G – Macky Siazon (VPF)
S – Francis Uy (VPF)
B – Kyle Kapunan (Gracie Barra Phils.)

Absolute White:
G – Rey Joson (Newbreed)
S – Luis Nazareno (VPF)
B – Aldo Vergel de Dios (VPF)
B – Patrick Gambe (Stanley’s)

Absolute Blue:
G – Nestor Ponce (VPF)
S – May Masuda (de la Salle BJJ)

Most Technical Fighter Awardee: Gian Dee (VPF)



G – Christian Quismundo (Newbreed)
S – Pinggoy Danguilan (VPF)
B – Chris Caangay (Strike & Shoot)

G – Jok Gumiran (Submission Sport/VPF)
S – George Vlayee (Yaw-Yan Kampilan
B – Morris Uy (Yaw-Yan Kampilan)

G – Diego Nepomuceno (Gracie Barra Phils.)
S – Rey Joson (Newbreed)
B – Dit Reyes (VPF)

G – Remand Lazaro (Hybrid Yaw-Yan)
S – Jonz Sandoval (Yaw-Yan Kampilan)
B – Allen Oblena (Newbreed)


G – Carlo Pena (VPF)
S – Richard Lasprilla (Gracie Barra Phils.)
B – Eros Baluyot (VPF)

G – Nestor Ponce (VPF)
S – Martin Tiu (Indepedent)
B – Aldo Vergel de Dios (VPF)

G – Luis Nazareno (VPF)
S – Francis Uy (VPF)
B – Macky Siazon (VPF)

Absolute Basic:
G – Diego Nepomuceno (Gracie Barra Phils.)
S – Sam Nepomuceno (Gracie Barra Phils.)

Absolute Advance:
G – Richard Lasprilla (Gracie Barra Phils.)
S – Luis Nazareno (VPF)
B – Nino Sanchez (VPF)

Most Technical Fighter Awardee: Diego Nepomuceno (Gracie Barra Phils.)


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