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Maniac: Inside view riding with LUKE PAKULA1

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 I spoke with you at your store. Here are some pictures
of the B-2 with your stickers on it. You can see that there are 2 of them, 1
on the nose landing gear strut and 1 on the main landing gear door in the
back ground. Take care, hope you enjoy them. Fokai flying high in Missouri



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Our Local amature favorite turning pro, Luke Pakula took 4th at the event but got invited to a bigger exposure event “All Star Bash”


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Good news our sponsord driver Jeff Jones,who just got his pro licence, qualified 19 out of 60 drivers and 32 was the cut off to advance. He got major crowd vibes over Taka, who is a pro D1/formula D driver for over ten years an who is a national u.s favorite from japan. Due to my unexperience towrds the drift scene. My brother/ partner Adam was amazed by the crowds reaction, because Taka is adams favorite driver.

So the first round in for top 32 Our sponsor fighter “driver” jeff jones made his win by defeating daijiro yoshihara, who is driving a Lexus IS350 <—-link for profile of opponent, by making him spin (T.K.O in the fight world) in doing so made him advance to top 16 drivers.

While still fighting for the gold, Jones went up against TAKA Aono <—–link to driver
who is notorious for being known as a Kuxika driver, “rolling cars ofter not because he is a bad driver, but for running hard” With the advantage with Taka’s 50 thousand dollar engine over jeffs mildly modded engine in jones’ nissan 240sx, jeff should not be able to keep up with takas formula atlantic (which is similar to a indy race car engine), But Jones did so well in keeping the pressure on taka as a chaseing car while Jones only has 367 hp disadvantage over takas approx 500hp motor.
When Jones was the leading car, Jones used his superior driving skill to leave taka behind in tire smoke. Judges were so amazed by the show the two drivers showcased, Judges could not come to conclusion for 2 runns. ON Jones last run, he used our words of wisdom, “if youre not hitting the wall, youre not trying hard enough” and slammed his rear right on the wall and spun his front end into the wall and made his car straightend out and made jones lose his drift angle which made on conturary taka spin out, Since Jones hit the wall fist, Jones got disqualified, and place 15 out of 60 drivers..

With Formula D, which is held at long beach,ca, is jones 1st professional Drift event, Jones showed what it takes to fokai it.Due to the cash, my brother adam and I ran to Jones Pit area, Jones did not show anger or blame, which made us feel that he has a good heart and is worth having Jones as a representative for fokai, and a good friend.

From our perspective, we come to a conclusion that Jones is not in it for the money, but for the love of drifting and getting our name out there,

Looking at his car (photos soon) Fokai Looked like the main sponsore compared to his paying sponsors (k&N filters, Cooper tires, Comp tech turbos). We over heard random people talking about the Guam Driver and the Fokai Car, but when they realized he was white, guamanians were blown away, proving that in the drifting community, fokai can advance in reach of higher levels.walking around teh event we came across japanese fans wearing fokai already, a sign of natchis great acheivment.

Over all we would like to help Jones continue his Drift carrer season.Due to his great driving skills and eliminating top Pro Drivers Adam and I told Jones that we will help him get to round 2 held in atlanta by the way Jones may be a n
results and blog of event

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