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Benefit show to support our Family in Japan featuring Stranger and ToK

100% of the proceeds go to our extended Family in their efforts to support their community. Raffle items donated by Tribal, Seedless, Armory, Primo, Fokai, Stingaree, HOB, and many more. Come show your support!!!

Let’sHelpJapan w/EnsonInoue

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Fokai as translated in Japanese. If a picture tells a thousand words. what can a video do? Thanks for the support. It’sA FamilyThing. ForLife


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Kiyotaro supports Fokai in his kickboxing bout against.GegardMousasi in K-1Dynamite on NewYwearsEve of 2011 in Japan.


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A friend of the Family–Kiyotaro shows his support for FokaiJapan in December 11th’s K-! GrandPrix in Japan againts Former GrandPrix Tournament winner, Semmy Schilt!


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A Captain’s view in a visit to the training facility of Japan’s Original True fighter and one of the nation’s MMA pioneers and footlock afficionados–Noboru Asahi’sYellowmanGym


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Japan’s Number 1 Bar and Nightclub security service founded and directed by FokaiFamilia’s ToshikazuIsseno



enswriteSometimes getting totally lost is the best way to find yourself and sometimes going into seclusion is the best way to discover that youre really not alone.

In a solo journey on foot of  870miles in , In about his 200th mile, Enson was gracious enough to drop a line after yesterday.  He’s doing great.Having a powerful experience. 14days of hiking 14hours a day.sleeping outdoors and eating fruit of f trees. About a month to go.

but exhausting,proceeding, and cultivating most definitely. Hes praying for us all. And hoping we can do the same for him.


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SpecialThanks to Mano for dropping off some very fine threads–courtesy of Japan’s ever-developing super quality of street fashion and product development. Thanks Man for the good vibes. sinceeversince

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