Walk This Way:Enson’s Footsteps Across Japan

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via:Enson Inoue

Conditions for ENSON’s walk across Japan
After careful thought I’ve decided on strict conditions for my walk across the whole country of Japan. After all the walk is for the people in North Japan that are still struggling everyday, so I decided that I would use whatever I could in the walk to benefit the people.

First of all, there are 3 things that inspired this walk across Japan
1. The lack of funds the people have for everyday necessities.
2. The people of the world has forgotten the people of North Japan because it is no longer in the media.
3. Suicide is a big problem with the elderly that have been left homeless and feel they have no reason to continue living.

The way this walk will help these 3 points is:
For point number one, I am taking pledges to destinyforeverorders@gmail.com that will fund a big Xmas event up North on Xmas day, that ill provide the people with supplies such as, rice, water, pet foid, clothes, toiletries, beer, snacks, presents, and Xmas cakes.

For point number two, with my social media such as Facebook and various MMA sites, i will bring awareness to thousands of people that the people of North Japan are still struggling day by day.

For point number three, I’ve decided to add a strict rule that I can eat and drink only the food and water I can carry. The only exception is if someone gives us food or water as an offering. Also we have to find a place to sleep outdoors every night unless we are offered a place to sleep.
This will put me close to the situation they are currently in.
I will be low on supplies, having unstable sleeping quarters every night and will be depending on help from others for strength to continue.

By making this conditions to make this already incredible journey so much harder, I want to inspire them and give them hope and faith to go on.

This will cover approximately 2200 kilometers or about 1360 miles. The distance I got was for this trek is from a highway course and am aware that a walking course may be much longer and since it won’t cut through mountains it will be much tougher.

I know many of you think I’m crazy or feel that I may be taking on too much this time, and you maybe right. But this is what I believe, it will take to help these people and possibly save some lives! God has given me the opportunity to reach out to many on my social media and I believe it would be best used to help others than prosper financially myself. However, I will gain a lot of happiness through this grueling journey by accomplishing the happiness of giving, true happiness.

Please pledge what you can per mile and be a part of this journey. A penny a mile will obligate you to only $13 when the walk is done. $13 will buy water for a family for month or feed a family rice for 2 weeks. Also feel free to take you own pledges and join me on the walk for as far as you like. The cities I will be passing through is:
Rikuzen Takada

If not, you can follow me on Facebook and experience this incredible journey with me.

Tentative start date is September 11th. 9-11.
May the victims in New York rest in peace.

There is no better way to die…
than in the mist of a battle…
fighting to the very end, like a Man.

Enson Inoue

What Is Yamato Damashii?:

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ENSON INOUE speaks about the evolution of “Yamato Damashii”" and how he has been applying it into his life to help others.


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When Tracey and I came to Hawaii in 2010, our plan was to open a gym and start a life here. Things from the beginning were great. We took on the non profit kids club at first at a local recreation center. The only times available at the center were the kids class times, so we had to look elsewhere for the adults. We live on the countryside so there isn’t many commercial buildings. Everything is residential. A local house with a gym was available to hold classes at and the non profit was extended to cover adults as well and a service was brought to a community that it had been without for so long. The good fortune was short, and because of the landlords drug addiction, we lost the gym. Or it was lost for us. Since we started working the non profit we have had a great response from the community, but the local recreation center where we taught the kids classes would only allow one class per week for the adults.

Now due to the recent Lloyd Irvin situation we lost the non profit for the kids. That was our biggest class and we want to get them back in Asap. Since 2011 we have struggled to find a gym to serve the area where we live, and it is finally coming true. I wasn’t sure about even writing this letter, but I need your help! To keep up with the cost of starting a new non profit, insurance, rent, mats. Whether a donation to the club by monetary means or equipment new/used. Anything to help us reinstate the kids class get us up on our own feet. We only have one month to prepare and the current tenants won’t move out until the day before we move in, so if any questions, message me here or email Northshorebjj@gmail.com Please share!

Thanks for your time
Mike and Tracey Fowler
Head Instructors
North Shore Jiujitsu Club


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In this exclusive video interview brought to you by OpenMatRadio.com, Mike Fowler shares his thoughts on several controversial topics in grappling today. For more information of Mike check out www.mikefowlertv.com


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In November of last year ago i took a visit to Hawaii and snapped this picture of  guy who mightve been older than the bunch but was absolutely KILLING it on an SUP..Never knew who he was(Still dont). The picture was such a telltale photo of Hawaii…older dude, on a stand up paddle, just into take off…We dug the photo so much that we actually made our frst standup paddle shirt out of it.

March 29th,2012 almost six months later…i paddle out to Pops for amorning session..ai swim about 3oyards in to retrieve my board after a failed takeoff and this same guy retrieves my paddle and brings it to me with nothing but Aloha.. and proceeds to the lineup where he continued to SHRED..and I still dont know who he is.

What goes around defintiely does come around…gonna have to find a way to get this guy a tanktop that he likely doesnt even know exists.

Small World, Good Vibrations, Hafa Adai &Aloha


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Fokai is proud to stand with FokaiFamilia’s Mike Fowler of TeamPurebred/Lloyd Irvin in sharing the gentle art throughout the Aloha State. Team LLoydIrvin’s empahsis on a strong learning curriculum will inevitably take to the next level those that are willing to commit to it. Cheehoo and Au’Ryyyte!


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small window into a very large thing with TeamLloydIrvin and the FokaiFamilia’s CrazyMike Fowler and his growing efforts to enhance lives in sharinjg the gentle yet extremely effective art of Jiujitsu


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via FuryMadness A.K.A:RichardChou

BJ Penn will be taking on the legendary Renzo Gracie on July 29th at the Aloha Stadium as the main event of the K-1 World Grand Prix. We caught up with The Champ recently at his training camp in Hilo. Here’s what he had to say…

Did you ever think you’d be fighting Renzo Gracie?
I never thought I’d be fighting him in my whole life.
It’s gonna happen though and after this I’m gonna retire………. psyche!!!! I’m gonna take a break after this one though, probably take 6 months off and just train hard. I’m gonna hone my skills and get ready to fight again in December hopefully.

What are your thoughts on Renzo?
Legendary fighter who’s been around for a while. I remember him fighting back in the day when I was 16 years old. When I was a kid I NEVER thought I’d be going into a fight with him and him being the underdog.

What’s the training like for this one?
Good training actually. Very tough training. I’m training with Charuto, Allan Goes, wrestler Joe Clark, my stand up coach Rudy Valentino, and my same team down here in Hilo. We’ve got some new blood in so they’re keeping me on my toes. I feel good, this is just another fight, this is strictly business, just ready to do my thing. I’m not trying to prove anything extra but going in there to finish. I don’t want to make it a long drawn out fight. I’m gonna go right after him from the bell.

Are you disappointed this is not in the cage?
No,I like the ring too, it’s all the same.

How do you feel about the opportunity to be the main event for the first event ever at the Aloha Stadium?
It’s unbelievable man. Unf#$%ing believable.

Is this the biggest fight of your career?
Good question. I don”t know. I wonder if people think that. I don’t know.

Okay, how about this one: is this the biggest fight in BJJ history?
That’s a good question too. This just might be the most important Jiu Jitsu fight ever. One of the toughest, hard nosed Gracie fighters against the only American to win a world championship. Man, you just pumped me up!! You just got me ready for this fight. This is the biggest fight in Jiu Jitsu history.

Are you the new Gracie Killer?
Absolutely not. I know people will go around saying it but I don’t look at it like that. If Ralph or other people in his family are disappointed that I’m fighting Renzo there is nothing I can do. I’m not a kid anymore, I’m a man. Whatever happens, happens. I’m just there to do my job.

What’s the game plan?
Go right in. Be relentless and in the end he will be traumatized. Don’t stop from the first minute and go, go, go. Don’t stop till your face hits the ropes. Fists flying, feet flying, people flying.

Let’s switch gears for a hot minute. What are your thoughts on a Hughes rematch?
I think it would be one of the biggest fights in the sport today. It could have been the biggest fight in the world if we were fighting on TUF season 2 but now they’re going to have the 102nd biggest fight in the world with Franklin vs. Hughes. The Hughes rematch is gonna be a big one when it happens, if it’s promoted correctly.

Your thoughts on MMA today?
MMA is on it’s way. It’s still in it’s infancy. The more new people who will be watching TUF, that’s the first exposure they will have to MMA and fighters. Those guys are going to be big names. After a while people will get used to the sport and start wondering who are the best guys out there really are. Just like in boxing. The De La Hoya’s the Mayweathers. Where are all these guys? Once everybody starts finding out who the best guys are, once the casual fan starts watching the best guys in Pride, K-1, UFC, Rumble, etc. and then starts recognizing them, that’s when the sport is going to get big. Then I think it’ll just blow up from there.

Who inspires you?
Rickson Gracie, Chad Hao, I don’t know. I don’t even know why I fight anymore. I do it because everything else is just boring I guess. Nothing else to do. Partying is boring already. Seriously though, I’m still excited about fighting and bringing in new training partners so things don’t get stale. I never even thought I’d be UFC champion. I was just fighting for fun. It’s the only thing that gets me excited. I’m not trying to put any fighters down because there is always a fighter who you can meet your match with, but I just like being involved with big fights. I mean people will say this Renzo fight means nothing but how can it mean nothing if 20,000 people are sitting there watching? You know it means something. High energy, high intensity, it’s exciting. It’s the kind of stuff I wanna be involved with. The 2 best fighters in the world could fight in a closet and nobody finds out and it won’t mean s**t. It’s all about having the people watch an exciting fight.

Tell me what you think about a few big names in MMA.
Let’s start with Matt Hughes. Infidel. He doesn’t believe in me.

Vanderlei Silva.
A great champion.

My favorite.

Why is he your favorite?
Everything about him. He’s relentless, hits hard, he’s strong, throws guys around. Kicks eveybody’s ass.

Kind of like you huh? A bigger version of you?
Ha ha! I don’t know?!

If you were 250 pounds, would you be Fedor?
I’d be Fedor ………with bricks!! LOL!!

We heard your entrance for this fight is going to be nuts, can you tell us about it?
It’s supposed to be awesome, hopefully we don’t mess it up. You’re just gonna have to wait for it………

Message to the fans and haters?
To all the fans, thanks for the support, to all the haters my greatest support has come from within and that’s the way it will always be.

Any words for Renzo?
See you on July 29th. Be ready. Be ready.


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There’s definitely something attractive about the different assets of Waikiki. It’s a place where you can learn how to surf safely as a young kid and a place where you can continue to surf peacefully as an old man.
It’s a place where you can Fall in love for the first time and a place where you can dance on the streets for your 50th anniversary.

In things that we might pursue so serious–hopefully we never forget to walk with a light heart, to maybe eventually learn one day how to dance, to be romantic with the universe, to make a spectacle of ourselves and through it all…Smile!



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Ho Cuzzo! Da Haole went teach dakine alreadeh to da Braddas, Sistahs, and Menehune guys at dakine!

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