Factoria de Fokai

A brief glimpse into the early phases of the Fokai Factory en route in Bali.


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Our extended family (Kaak-Kuuk) in Bali is really producing a good vibe and creating doorways to exotic experiences in Indonesia. Take a look at our friend’s surf expeditiion for a getaway that’s hard to believe and even harder to forget.


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FokaiBali takes a step forward in more action for community service as an official  sponsor for the BuniSurfing Festival August 7th@Halfway, Kuta Beach


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FokaiBali is another term to celebrate the Kaak-Kuuk Boys of Bali who have evolved to make up our Indonesian brnach of teh FokaiFamilia.

Facilitated by Wayan eka Kurniawan, this network of good vibrations has been extending a true and sincere experience of Bali for all of our INdonesian-visiting guests throughout Fokai’s International and grwoing brotherhood.

Holding down fort for the FokaiFamilia, kaak-kuuk shares and practices a mutual respect for all visitors in Bali entering through the ever-so-humble FokaiRedCarpet




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1975HondaMoped: OfficialFokaiBaliVehicle