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Breaking down in detail the newest addition to the growing line of fokai waistline accessories.Ladies&Gentlemen–ThePeaceMaker


Designed inhouse by Hopper–this flannel is a symbol of things to come as Fokai evolves into higher fashion. available exclusively@TheFokaiShop in Tumon


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smalleDetails of the FokaiUtitilitySack available exclusively at Guam FokaiStores


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Guam, Saipan, Rota, Tinian, Pohnpeii Philippines, Japan,Taiwan, Korea, Bali, Hawaii,California, LasVegas,Washington,Maryland,Ireland, Wales……

Conscious footsteps forward for Fokaiinternational

Before it was something that just used to look cool on our shirts and now it’s really happening.

Wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for believing in what we do and supporting what we stand for. There is a story behind every design. It goes through and beyond of thinking of whats physically attractive, the designs are released to hopefully induce whats soulfully productive.

From The ISA design and goodwilling of “WishComeTrue” to the soon to be released designs of  Fernando Terere’s offering of “Never Give Up” and the MendesBrothers “Improve”—

Fokai’s Imminent campaign of the rewards of perseverance (Exhaust the Body,ProceedTheMind,CultivateTheSpirit) aims to resonate apositive vibration targeted to push the  fruits of virtue and spirit that lie in the pursuit and imminent evolution of personal horizons, not necessarily dependent in comparing to others.

So this is an applause of gratitude and props for the history of our extended design team on board with Fokai2.2GRFX



and a warm Hafa Adai and Welcome to the Famila:

FokaiCUT&SEW’s Newest Addition:


As the much-appreciated Family of Support Grows, the drive to support this family stands proudly along with it.

New and Improved Merchandise iminiently arrriving@Fokai


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Hafa Adai!
Just received 29boxes of new merchandise for the 2011Summer season.Unfortunately new tanktops were delayed until the next shipment in 2weeks. But what DID come in was a whole bunch of new threshhold tees.
JapanScribble:TheMainHQs Celebration of our Japan shop.
JapanLife:Fokai/YamatoDamashii’s newest collaboration and theFokaiRoad explained in Japanese!
Rooted: Roots and HafaAdai
TheFokaiHiddenLatte: Roots!

Also be on the lookout for the the FokaiPelletCarrier,
TheFokaiAdventureTreeker,Fokai/YamatoDamashiiReversibleTanktops, Quickdries NewCaps,,NewDecals, newrenditions of the FokaiCompetitorsBelt, and the AllWeather FokaiTubeDuo. Video to follow within 24hours. Thanks for everything and hope to catch you around. Thanks for dropping by.



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Out of appreciation for all the overwhelming support and In the interests for better servicing this support–TheFokaiOnlineStore is going through some changes.


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In the process of relaunching a FokaiInternational Wholesale program after several years in hibernation–we are in the long and winding process of fine tuning our distribution overseas to provide direct access to the best of our updated merchandise.

This is a catalog testament to some stuff we did in 2010 and a real brief glimpse of some new next level stuff in 2011.Looking forward to raising the bar in the days ahead.Thanks for all the support.



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JoseQuantestrunning FokaiQuickdries@the 6-7-OYah!


In and Out of the Water.

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