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Cruz, Taimanglo victorious in PXC 27

Video Gallery

Guam – In the first amateur fight of the night Ryan Toves and James James took to the cage in a 155-pound match up. Toves shot it for the takedown midway through the first round. James looked to sink in the guillotine choke but couldn’t get Toves to tap. Ryan Toves would work position and get the back of James and force him to tap in the first round.
Carlos Lopez made quick work of Martin Pablo in the heavyweight division. Lopez looked to keep the fight standing and use his reach to land some shots. Pablo would get caught with a knee and go down. After a brief timeout with what looked to be a low blow Lopez initiated the clinch and sunk in the standing guillotine choke to earn the win by submission in the first round.
Jay Tenorio and Mklane Alfred took to the cage next in another lightweight match up. Alfred threw a couple of leg kicks to feel out Tenorio. Jay Tenorio threw a flying knee that landed flush and dropped Mklane Alfred. Tenorio jumped on his opponent and landed several unanswered knees that connected, forcing referee Tony DeAngelo to call the fight minutes into the round awarding Jay Tenorio the win in his PXC debut.
Dylan Pablo stays unbeaten in his MMA career after picking the first round win against Matt Quenga. Pablo used his wrestling background to close the distance and get in for the takedown. Once the fight was on the ground Dylan was able to control Quenga and work the ground and pound with some staples to get the win by referee stoppage.
In the first professional fight of the night Korean Top Team Fighter Kim Doo Hwan squared off against Trench Tech Saipan Fighter Mylo Lassiter. Lassiter tried to pin Hwan against the cage and secure the takedown but the Korean showed excellent takedown defense. The first round was an exchange between the two heavyweights with both fighters landing their fare share of punches. With the 2nd round getting underway Kim Doo Hwan landed a solid knee that hurt Lassiter. The Korean Top Team Fighter jumped on Lassiter and got it the rear naked choke for his first win in PXC.
Fellow Korean Top Team Fighter Lim Hyun Gu met up with France Fighter Ferrid Kheder. Lim Hyun Gu came out throwing everything he had looking for the early knockout. The Korean fighter towered over the Judo practitioner making it hard for Kheder to land any shots. Lim Hyun Gu landed a flurry of punches that backed Ferrid into the cage and finished him off with more solid shots that ended the fight by stoppage.
California’s JJ Ambrose secured a unanimous decision win over France Fighter Sebastian Garguier after 3 rounds. JJ looked good with his stand up after training in Thailand for the fight winning the stand up battle. Garguier attempted a couple of submissions from his back but couldn’t pull any of them off as Ambrose controlled the fight on the ground. With the win JJ Ambrose improves his record to 17-3.
Kim Jang Yong made it a clean sweep for the Korean Top Team. Yong pulled off a first round arm bar win against Saipan’s Fassi Jesse. Fassi dropping from 155 to 145 for this match up looked good early in the fight. Kim Jang Yong took the fight to Jesse and earned the #1 contender spot for the 145-pound division with his first round win.
Ryan Biggler made his come back to the PXC a successful one against Trench Tech’s Keli Manglona. Manglona came into the fight as the Saipan Champion sporting a 4-0 record. Both fighters looked to land from up top when Ryan Biggler secured the takedown and landed in good position. Biggler took his time and was able to get full mount and work his way into getting the back of Manglona. Ryan got both hooks in and worked in the rear naked choke for the first round win.
In the most anticipated fight of PXC 27 Underworld X-Treme’s Trevin Jones and Spike 22′s Justin The Shocker Cruz mixed it up for the 135-pound belt. The Champion Cruz worked the cage forcing Jones to stay light on his feet. Trevin Jones was able to pick his shots and land some knees in the exchange. The veteran Justin was able to absorb most of the shots and keep the fight moving. Jones kept the pressure on Cruz landing more of the punches when the two did exchange from up top. With the fight in the championship rounds, Justin The Shocker Cruz worked his game plan to a “T”. Justin baited Jones in and scored on some takedowns. Justin worked the ground and pound cutting Trevin over the eye. Jones was able to take the fight to the 5th round where he landed a shot that cut Justin as the fight ended. When the judge’s scorecards were turned in it was The Shocker who earned the win to retain his belt with the decision win behind the takedowns that proved to be the difference maker.

Baby Joe Taimanglo was awarded the unanimous decision win against Harris Sarmiento in the last fight of PXC 27. Baby Joe was all over Sarmiento for 5 rounds pinning him against the cage landing knees and punches. Taimanglo scored big on a hip toss that put the Hawaii Fighter on his head but couldn’t keep him on the ground. Sarmiento showed why he is the PXC’S 155-pound champion making Joe work for every position and not allowing Taimanglo to take the fight to the ground. The Hawaii Fighter did what he said by keeping the fight standing but didn’t have an answer to Taimanglo’s relentless clinch game. After 5 rounds the Juggernaut Baby Joe Taimanglo finally earned his first MMA Title with the decisive win against a very tough opponent becoming the island’s first 145-pound champion of the PXC.


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Ayuyu, Carbullido capture gold

3:00 PM, Nov. 8, 2011  |


Mike Carbullido, right, gets his hand raised by the referee after winning a match in the blue-belt division of the 16th US Open BJJ Tournament held Oct. 15-16 in San Jose, Calif.
Mike Carbullido, right, gets his hand raised by the referee after winning a match in the blue-belt division of the 16th US Open BJJ Tournament held Oct. 15-16 in San Jose, Calif. / Photo courtesy of Pete Ulatan
Written by
Kolby Chang
For Pacific Daily News
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Miguel Ayuyu, bottom, secures an armlock on his opponent. / Photo courtesy of Pete Ulatan
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Former Guam residents Miguel Ayuyu and Mike Carbullido continue their climb up the ladder of Brazilian jiu-jitsu as the pair recently notched gold medals at the 16th US Open BJJ Tournament that took place on Oct.15-16 in San Jose, Calif.

Competing as blue belts, Ayuyu placed first in the lightweight division and Carbullido topped the medium heavyweight division. The US Open marked the sixth tournament Carbullido has participated in this year and he does not intend to slow down. His sights now are focused on the World Jiu-jitsu No-Gi Championship set for this weekend in Long Beach.

“I want to make it as far as God is willing to take me,” Carbullido said via email from San Diego.

Ayuyu also is preparing for the no-gi championships and added that BJJ has become an integral part of his life. “I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu for six years now and I’ve worked hard to get where I am [so] quitting now would be the worst decision I could make,” Ayuyu said via email.

Just over a year ago the former Carlson Gracie Jr. Academy students and graduates of George Washington High School decided to relocate to southern California in order to pursue their BJJ dreams.

Multiple tournaments and several gold medals later, it appears as if the move has paid dividends. Ayuyu said regularly training with world champions and high-level BJJ players has taught him a lot about the martial art. “Moving to the states has really brought my game to another level,” Ayuyu said.

In addition to receiving top-notch instruction, the deeper pool of competition and frequency of tournaments allows Carbullido more opportunities to test himself. “I’m able to get [into] big, worldwide tournaments easier with me being out here compared to being on Guam,” Carbullido said. “I’m able to concentrate more and train harder.”

The dreams of BJJ glory, however, do not come to fruition without challenges and trials. When asked what the most difficult aspect of constantly training and competing is, Ayuyu simply said, “Bills.”


Carbullido added that it wasn’t easy to leave his family and to pursue his dream, but he knows the rewards are worth it. “I always remind myself of all the sacrifices and dedication I’ve put in over the years,” Carbullido said.

“The fact I can’t be with my family and my sister, the fact I can’t eat red rice and deer keleguan whenever I feel like it. All those reasons push me to never give up no matter the struggle.”

Carbullido thanks his mother Pilar, his sister Mikenna and the rest of his family for their support. He also thanks Gabe Baker, Byron Evaristo, Beachwood/Fleetwood San Diego, Nakama Brand, Apparatus Jiu-jitsu, Cars Plus and the people of Guam.

Ayuyu thanks the people of Guam, as well as Baker and Moya Brand


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vaughn post fight


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Dana White: UFC Strategically Planning to Take Over Asia UFC President Dana White
Written by Tom Ngo

UFC president Dana White has made no bones about his obsession with taking over the sports world. Following Saturday night’s UFC 118 event, the ambitious promoter announced they have hired a highly regarded former NBA China executive to head their Dedicated Asian Operations division.

“We just hired a guy gentleman named Mark Fischer and he’s the executive vice president and managing director of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Asia. He’s gonna run things over there,” White stated at the post-fight press conference.

“We’re in 500 million homes. I don’t know how many people realize that. We’re in 500 million homes on some form of television throughout the world. With this move and the things we’re working on now, it’ll put us in over a billion homes worldwide. I keep saying that this is gonna be the biggest sport in the world and people think I’m a lunatic. I’m telling you right now, when we’re on over a billion homes and counting and growing, wait and see what happens in the next 4 to 5 years.”

It will be Fischer’s responsibility to build a roster of local talent and develop relationships with the sports federations in the Orient, including the China National Wushu Federation.

“I’m delighted and honored to work with Dana and the Fertitta brothers (co-owners Frank and Lorenzo) to build the Ultimate Fighting Championship and our other businesses in Asia,” Fischer said. “It’s a fantastic market. I think we’re just scratching the surface. A lot martial arts began their tradition there. We’re very respectful of that.”

The Octagon has hosted four events in Asia , all of which took place in Japan. Although the world’s premier MMA promotion hasn’t held a show there in the past decade, he believes his experience and savvy will help speed up the Eastern invasion process.

“I was with the NBA in Asia for 12 years,” Fischer added. “Five or six of those were building the NBA in China. I think as successful as the NBA was there, what we were able to do with that, I think we can just as much with the UFC and more.”

Clearly, China and their 1.3 billion citizens appear to be their primary target. Although, Fischer sees other segments of the continent as potential hot spots as well.

“I think we’re going to study the market,” he stated. “Definitely China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia. All of these countries have tremendous potential. There’s been tremendous interest, tremendous activity in MMA, and I think it’s a question of bringing the UFC brand there and the way we do things being the global leader in the sport.”

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Fokai Industries makes another go at INternationalMMA


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rollapalooza4-9280-1.jpgThe rollapalooza organizers would like to thank everyone for another positive weekend for Pinoy BJJ!  Up-and-comers from all the major jiu-jitsu teams from the Philippines shared divisions in order to test their techniques for the upcoming 2010 competition season at the Ateneo Martial Arts Center, Ateneo de Manila University Campus.

The featherweight blue/purple division comprised of recent Tokyo Open champion Carlo Pena and Jan Cortez of Atos-VPF, purple belts Richard Lasprilla of Gracie Barra Philippines and Chester Dapo of Josh Russell Jiu Jitsu Canada and 2009 World’s female gold medalist Maybelline Masuda may have been the highlight of the weekends action.

An event designed to both develop the talents of local BJJ practitioners in preparation for international tournaments and strengthen the bonds among the different teams, the grassroots tournament accomplished both again in its 4th edition to great effect.  The whole community has plenty to gain when its members choose to work together the way everyone at the venue did this past weekend.

DAY 1: Gi

Yellow Belt:
G – Eros Baluyot (VPF)
S – Ram Fransisco (Newbreed)

White Belt

G – Gian Dee (VPF)
S – Eros Baluyot (VPF
B – Pinggoy Danguilan (VPF)
B – Rytz Nunez

G – Ricky Poblador (VPF)
S – Jose Marie Rodriguez (Davao)
B – Justin Danguilan (VPF)
B – Patrick Gambe (Stanley’s)

G – Aldo Vergel de dios (VPF)
S – Rey Joson (Newbreed)
B – Luis Nazareno (VPF)

G – Isaiah Ordiz (Team Paranaque)
S – Sam Santiago (Gracie Barra Phils.)
B – Allen Oblena (Newbreed)

G – Matt Jao (VPF)
S – Jan Habana (Gracie Barra Phils.

Blue/Purple Belt:

G – Jan Cortez (VPF)
S – Carlo Pena (VPF)
B – Richard Lasprilla (Gracie Barra Phils.)

G – Nestor Ponce (VPF)
S – Raymond Varilla (Gracie Barra Phils.)

G – Macky Siazon (VPF)
S – Francis Uy (VPF)
B – Kyle Kapunan (Gracie Barra Phils.)

Absolute White:
G – Rey Joson (Newbreed)
S – Luis Nazareno (VPF)
B – Aldo Vergel de Dios (VPF)
B – Patrick Gambe (Stanley’s)

Absolute Blue:
G – Nestor Ponce (VPF)
S – May Masuda (de la Salle BJJ)

Most Technical Fighter Awardee: Gian Dee (VPF)



G – Christian Quismundo (Newbreed)
S – Pinggoy Danguilan (VPF)
B – Chris Caangay (Strike & Shoot)

G – Jok Gumiran (Submission Sport/VPF)
S – George Vlayee (Yaw-Yan Kampilan
B – Morris Uy (Yaw-Yan Kampilan)

G – Diego Nepomuceno (Gracie Barra Phils.)
S – Rey Joson (Newbreed)
B – Dit Reyes (VPF)

G – Remand Lazaro (Hybrid Yaw-Yan)
S – Jonz Sandoval (Yaw-Yan Kampilan)
B – Allen Oblena (Newbreed)


G – Carlo Pena (VPF)
S – Richard Lasprilla (Gracie Barra Phils.)
B – Eros Baluyot (VPF)

G – Nestor Ponce (VPF)
S – Martin Tiu (Indepedent)
B – Aldo Vergel de Dios (VPF)

G – Luis Nazareno (VPF)
S – Francis Uy (VPF)
B – Macky Siazon (VPF)

Absolute Basic:
G – Diego Nepomuceno (Gracie Barra Phils.)
S – Sam Nepomuceno (Gracie Barra Phils.)

Absolute Advance:
G – Richard Lasprilla (Gracie Barra Phils.)
S – Luis Nazareno (VPF)
B – Nino Sanchez (VPF)

Most Technical Fighter Awardee: Diego Nepomuceno (Gracie Barra Phils.)

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