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Crossing paths with Enson Inoue for a stroll with Pedro and some real work in Fokai / Yamato Damashii Product Development.
Enter the Samurai!


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NewFokaiSong and videoslideshow by FokaiFamilia Japan


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IMG02061-20100814-15452 Days ago after attending a Bikram yoga class in Kuta Bali, i was distraught to discover that my keys were missing from the bag that i normally place them in between the twenty steps it takes from the motorbike parking to the front door of the Bikram Yoga Studio…

About 2hours later after calling all the unified forces to retrieve the keys we had discovered that 2 young parking lot servicemen had found them in the  parking lot an hour prior–(i apparently missed my bag when throwing them in).

Later on that day, after doing a sunset surf on my way to the same motorbike i had decided to buy a Nasi Bunkus (Bali food for 40cents!) and mysteriously lost track of those same darn keys in between the 20 steps from the FoodStand to the mototorbike..AGAIN 2young (different) servicemen had found the keys bringing relief to a head that was self-slapped several times for the mishaps…

When i was a kid my father had a tendency to lose his keys and i was always the bloodhound who had a skill-from-above for finding the hidden treasures but at 37years old for whatever reason if there was a world championships in losing keys i would be its version of KellySlater.


I had a “lucky” set of keys from 2002-2004 and in ABSOLUTE BELIEF IN THE POWERS OF VOODOO MAGIC that i would bring with me everywhere, would set them in waters of epic surf, splash blood on them from several wounds sustained in failed attempts of downhill snakeboarding, set them into the soils and sands of epic parties and beach bbqs, place them in between the handshakes with friends and family, etc..


My father passed away on the morning of May 8th of 2004 training for the CocosCrossing in attempts to raise funds to donate for the renovations of the library of his high school alma mater. On the day of his funeral in front of the  coffin that had inside one-half of the effort that brought me to life, i had (almost reluctantly) made the decision to place these keys in my father’s hands hoping, trusting, and having faith that they would be in safe keeping…thinkingthat would be the end to to the voodoo ceremonies and starting anew would be a large task because NOTHING could ever replace the energy of all that had gone into those keys…or so i thought.

After the funeral, i was having a conversation with my mother and we were talking about dreams of my father after his passing. In the only dream i had at the time i had seen him in the mirror but with his faced cracking with wrinkles fromt he anxieties of difficulties only to find out that two days before the funeral my mother had seen that same version of his face however this time it was in because he was in a cage and screaming for somebody to let him out…

it’s amazing how things have a way of falling into place. Even in dark days–God is everywhere and i am glad that although i may continue to lose my keys til the day i favorite keys and the keys that truly count are forver in the right he right hands.

GodIsReal and VoodooMagic forLife.




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In this exclusive video interview brought to you by, Mike Fowler shares his thoughts on several controversial topics in grappling today. For more information of Mike check out


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Perseverance:noun:TrenchTech /PurebredSaipan.

TrenchTech,the building, was burned down in early February. Trench Tech, the Family, lives on…Show your support for CNMI’s competitive martial arts ambition. Connect with them @


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Recently had theopportunity to share in teh good vibes with the FokaiSoCalProject extended familia in Mexico.


In just 24hours…you can get a tattoo. tour a Golf Course, Chill with Pedro , DrinkRattleSnakeTequila,Get rid of your family’s bad karma, hold a cougars paw and a Shaman’s eagle feathers if you happen to cross paths with these amazing human beings.

A Man measures you the way you meaasure him..A positive attitude and good intentions can take you further in life than you might imagine.

Thanks sincere Luka and Roach..FreestyleTattooStudio..all day!
much respect and more to come with our kin and their kindness South of the Border.

Por Vida!


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It’s been over a year now and were proud and honored for the mutual support from the MendesBrothers, Rafael and Guilherme. In their innovative methods and no-secret hard training– they are the front runners pushing the performance for Jiujitsu all over the world.

Excellent representatives not just of jiujitsu,but of martial art and of sport–they make wider the road for  excellent representation of authority and goodwill.

A salute and toast in the form of Tshirts and rashguards —

Rafael Mendes:

5x World Champion (All belts) – 2006-2007-2008-2010-2011
2x World Pro Champion – 2009-2010
ADCC Champion under 66 kg – 2009
World Pro No Gi Champion 2011
European Champion – 2010
3x Brazilian Champion – 2006-2007-2010
World No Gi Champion – 2008

Guilherme Mendes:

6x World Champion (All belts) -2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2011
World Pro Champion – 2010
World Pro No Gi Champion 2011
European Champion – 2010
4x Brazilian Champion -2006-2007-2008-2010
World No Gi Champion 2008


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Goood times w/TheFokaiSoCalProject. Thanks Jeff,Omar, and JohnJohn–GoodVibrations for the long road ahead!


For those who might be curious,even for those who aren’t–we just wanted to share with you the reason we chose Captain Fokai as our mascott…

Captain Fokai has never been any single person–it’s actually the imperfect symbol and personification of the fokai spirit that exists in everyone. that is why teh Captain lives behind a mask.and yes–in many ways..he is aspiring to be a super hero.

TheCaptain Fokai360Collection is an ongoing  project that has been going on for the past 4years–since the birth of the CaptainFokai mascott–it’s a master compilation gathered from different representatives around the world to bring everyone into our experiences in travel and at home, in victory and defeat, in living and learning.

It is a standing invitation to encourage folks to explore and pursue opportunities outside of the box–as well as to help us get a better perspective of whats personally current..hopefully to help pave the way for our better future captured by the undying pursuit of self-improvement and life celebration.


Pretty blown away by opportunities available @ PurebredUnd1sputed 3038UniversityAvenue North Park ,SanDiego.  Reliable boxing, MMA, Jiujitsu, Kickboxing, and fitness programs facilitated by qualified and proven instructors in synchronicity of GoodVibrations plus the will to improve and learn–pave the way for greatness and achievment and even for the most challenged.

Its history of championship belts, tournament trophies, battle-proven  fighter-athletes and competitors ; an absolutely honorable program with the POW group, a Submission grappling program dedicated to the Spirit of Martial Arts, and  the imminent population of people looking for self-improvement; —we are proud be a part of this ethic and etiquette.  we feel honored to eat at the table of this family. thanks everyone

Exhaust the Body. Proceed the Mind. Cultivate the Spirit…or at the very least–try to.

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