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SainaMa’ase:Holidazed,Boya,And SheratonLagunaResortGuam

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IMG02222Sincere gratitude for the above the norm staff and fine facilities of the Sheraton Laguna ResortGuam. ThankYou Sincerely to all who came and shared in celebration for a good year in 2009. And a for reals Saina Ma’ase fro the goodvibes of Boya MartinezWant to wish the best for our friends and families yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Hoping for even more discovery and good times for all in 2010. GodBless and CarpeDiem

SainaMa’ase2009: HolidazedAndTheFamilia

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Holidazed2Sorry if we failed to pass throught the message. but its a standing invitation! Come jouin us at the SheratonHotel as TheFokaiFamilia  celebrates KrisKringle,TheMangler, and 2009.

“MANIAC”: Rest In Peace Brother Chen Sy

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A good friend of mine got ill on the 4th of july weekend, and was placed on life support for more than 5 days as he was trying to fight to survive at the age of 28. Around 2:30pm on the 15th day of July 2009 the plug was pulled. Brother Chen now joins his younger brother Jherel Sy. The Sy family is not asking for help, but help is appreciated for those who are put in this situation. If can please go to the site and donate. http://chensy.webs.com/  Thank you very much,

Zach Rapadas


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FokaiFamilia: FUNRaisersForPurebredandSpike22

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Skaters to vie for King of the Park

By Jeff Rickel • Pacific Daily News • April 3, 2009


The grand prize winner will receive a special prize from Quicksilver.

SK8 board member Laurent Wainer said he expects around 100 competitors this year after last year’s event drew more than 70 skaters and 400 spectators.

Participants can pre-register at DV8 Boardshop or register from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday. Registration is $3 for SK8 members and $5 for non-members. The event is free to the public.

“We started the event because we wanted to give the skateboarding community something to work toward,” Wainer said. “We have a really nice park that was built last year and it’s worthy to make use of it for competition.”

The competition will be made up of three events. Skaters will perform a 90-second free skate, a 90-second bowl rider and a best trick with obstacles event. All events will be judged to determine a winner in each division.

“We want the local skate community to showcase their talents,” Wainer said.qkslvr_kop.jpg


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