Miss Korea Visits Guam

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Sara Kim Miss Earth Korea 2012 Gun Beach

Sara Kim Miss Earth Korea 2012 Gun Beach
Miss Earth Guam, Sarah Filush & Miss Earth Korea Paddle Boarding Guam

Miss Earth Guam, Sarah Filush & Miss Earth Korea Paddle Boarding Guam

Captain FOKAI

Captain FOKAI

Thank you for stopping by the beautiful island of Guam Miss Korea, Sara Kim!

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Friends, Family & Manta Rays…again

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Taking time out to celebrate life..Island style with things important.

Enson Inoue is doing some pretty cool things with his missions up north and stoked to support his efforts.

Earth & Water

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For those who might be curious,even for those who aren’t–we just wanted to share with you the reason we chose Captain Fokai as our mascott…

Captain Fokai has never been any single person–it’s actually the imperfect symbol and personification of the fokai spirit that exists in everyone. that is why teh Captain lives behind a mask.and yes–in many ways..he is aspiring to be a super hero.

TheCaptain Fokai360Collection is an ongoing  project that has been going on for the past 4years–since the birth of the CaptainFokai mascott–it’s a master compilation gathered from different representatives around the world to bring everyone into our experiences in travel and at home, in victory and defeat, in living and learning.

It is a standing invitation to encourage folks to explore and pursue opportunities outside of the box–as well as to help us get a better perspective of whats personally current..hopefully to help pave the way for our better future captured by the undying pursuit of self-improvement and life celebration.


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FromValeTudo Japan to the H.O.H…Bruh!IMG00926-20120128-1225


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via FuryMadness A.K.A:RichardChou

BJ Penn will be taking on the legendary Renzo Gracie on July 29th at the Aloha Stadium as the main event of the K-1 World Grand Prix. We caught up with The Champ recently at his training camp in Hilo. Here’s what he had to say…

Did you ever think you’d be fighting Renzo Gracie?
I never thought I’d be fighting him in my whole life.
It’s gonna happen though and after this I’m gonna retire………. psyche!!!! I’m gonna take a break after this one though, probably take 6 months off and just train hard. I’m gonna hone my skills and get ready to fight again in December hopefully.

What are your thoughts on Renzo?
Legendary fighter who’s been around for a while. I remember him fighting back in the day when I was 16 years old. When I was a kid I NEVER thought I’d be going into a fight with him and him being the underdog.

What’s the training like for this one?
Good training actually. Very tough training. I’m training with Charuto, Allan Goes, wrestler Joe Clark, my stand up coach Rudy Valentino, and my same team down here in Hilo. We’ve got some new blood in so they’re keeping me on my toes. I feel good, this is just another fight, this is strictly business, just ready to do my thing. I’m not trying to prove anything extra but going in there to finish. I don’t want to make it a long drawn out fight. I’m gonna go right after him from the bell.

Are you disappointed this is not in the cage?
No,I like the ring too, it’s all the same.

How do you feel about the opportunity to be the main event for the first event ever at the Aloha Stadium?
It’s unbelievable man. Unf#$%ing believable.

Is this the biggest fight of your career?
Good question. I don”t know. I wonder if people think that. I don’t know.

Okay, how about this one: is this the biggest fight in BJJ history?
That’s a good question too. This just might be the most important Jiu Jitsu fight ever. One of the toughest, hard nosed Gracie fighters against the only American to win a world championship. Man, you just pumped me up!! You just got me ready for this fight. This is the biggest fight in Jiu Jitsu history.

Are you the new Gracie Killer?
Absolutely not. I know people will go around saying it but I don’t look at it like that. If Ralph or other people in his family are disappointed that I’m fighting Renzo there is nothing I can do. I’m not a kid anymore, I’m a man. Whatever happens, happens. I’m just there to do my job.

What’s the game plan?
Go right in. Be relentless and in the end he will be traumatized. Don’t stop from the first minute and go, go, go. Don’t stop till your face hits the ropes. Fists flying, feet flying, people flying.

Let’s switch gears for a hot minute. What are your thoughts on a Hughes rematch?
I think it would be one of the biggest fights in the sport today. It could have been the biggest fight in the world if we were fighting on TUF season 2 but now they’re going to have the 102nd biggest fight in the world with Franklin vs. Hughes. The Hughes rematch is gonna be a big one when it happens, if it’s promoted correctly.

Your thoughts on MMA today?
MMA is on it’s way. It’s still in it’s infancy. The more new people who will be watching TUF, that’s the first exposure they will have to MMA and fighters. Those guys are going to be big names. After a while people will get used to the sport and start wondering who are the best guys out there really are. Just like in boxing. The De La Hoya’s the Mayweathers. Where are all these guys? Once everybody starts finding out who the best guys are, once the casual fan starts watching the best guys in Pride, K-1, UFC, Rumble, etc. and then starts recognizing them, that’s when the sport is going to get big. Then I think it’ll just blow up from there.

Who inspires you?
Rickson Gracie, Chad Hao, I don’t know. I don’t even know why I fight anymore. I do it because everything else is just boring I guess. Nothing else to do. Partying is boring already. Seriously though, I’m still excited about fighting and bringing in new training partners so things don’t get stale. I never even thought I’d be UFC champion. I was just fighting for fun. It’s the only thing that gets me excited. I’m not trying to put any fighters down because there is always a fighter who you can meet your match with, but I just like being involved with big fights. I mean people will say this Renzo fight means nothing but how can it mean nothing if 20,000 people are sitting there watching? You know it means something. High energy, high intensity, it’s exciting. It’s the kind of stuff I wanna be involved with. The 2 best fighters in the world could fight in a closet and nobody finds out and it won’t mean s**t. It’s all about having the people watch an exciting fight.

Tell me what you think about a few big names in MMA.
Let’s start with Matt Hughes. Infidel. He doesn’t believe in me.

Vanderlei Silva.
A great champion.

My favorite.

Why is he your favorite?
Everything about him. He’s relentless, hits hard, he’s strong, throws guys around. Kicks eveybody’s ass.

Kind of like you huh? A bigger version of you?
Ha ha! I don’t know?!

If you were 250 pounds, would you be Fedor?
I’d be Fedor ………with bricks!! LOL!!

We heard your entrance for this fight is going to be nuts, can you tell us about it?
It’s supposed to be awesome, hopefully we don’t mess it up. You’re just gonna have to wait for it………

Message to the fans and haters?
To all the fans, thanks for the support, to all the haters my greatest support has come from within and that’s the way it will always be.

Any words for Renzo?
See you on July 29th. Be ready. Be ready.


Via, www.crankeffect.com, MasterMarketer, MasterMartialArtist, Master Human Being. We feel honored, we are priveledged. Thanks you sir for all the support


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Wishing our friends and support the best of luck for UFC132. Real stoked that first of all, everyones been given their  well-deserved opporunities. Dominck Cruz has been with us from the earliest days of his MMA career, George Sotirolous fought in Guam in Fury5 against Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion, Sergio Lourenco, for our island’s most technical grappling display ina MixedMartialArts match and Jeff Houghland graciously celebrates the bridges that have been built through the efforts of Guam’s JoshCalvo and Roque Martinez.

Over the years, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the the lifestyle of Martial Arts has built the bridge to good folks with higher profiles.

We’ re definitely not a big-money company and were not pretending to be big-time sponsors. Not sure if we ever will be that way. but that wont stop us from celebrating the victories (if not ventures) of our friends and family on their road forward to brighter horizons.

Win Or lose—Great job guys and thanks sincere!


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Mendes Bros T-shirt copy

Guillherme&RafaelMendes dressed to impress


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An open mind, strong work ethic and unbridled passion can go a long way. It’s helped former Guam resident and standout athlete Richard Chou make it in the world of professional sports.

The American Red Cross

Chou, who played Division 1 collegiate volleyball at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif., is a former member of the Guam national volleyball team as well as the recipient of the Most Valuable Player award in both the Interscholastic Basketball and Volleyball Leagues as a senior in 1997.

While he had a lot of success as an amateur, his professional success came in the world of mixed martial arts, and it wasn’t due to his athletic prowess. Chou’s work ethic has taken him from passing out promotional fliers for MMA events to his current position as a member of the matchmaking team for one of the largest professional MMA organizations in the world, Strikeforce.

“I am lucky I get to do this for a living,” the St. John’s School graduate said via telephone from San Jose, Calif.

“Most people never get to pursue their passion and I am grateful for it.”
Getting started

Going into his senior year of college Chou got his first taste of MMA through Brazilian jiu-jitsu when John Calvo, founder of Purebred Guam, invited Chou to train with him.

“He was a big athlete and I needed a sparring partner,” Calvo said.

Chou decided to give it a try and enjoyed the individual aspect of MMA since he always played team sports.

“It was something different. It was really intense,” he said.

Calvo immediately noticed Chou’s work ethic was off the charts. Calvo said he could foresee Chou doing bigger things because of his dedication and transparency.

“He always puts family first, he works really hard,” Calvo said. “He’s always got good ideas and he’s honest.”

After graduating college, Chou decided it was time to move on from volleyball and made the transition to MMA. Chou took his first professional fight in 2002 and two years later an opportunity to start doing work outside of the ring enticed Chou to try his hand at promoting. After six years of hard work, he’s made it.

Behind the scenes

Chou said his duty as a matchmaker for Strikeforce is more complicated than this guy fighting that guy. He describes a typical work day as “a constant state of motion.” On any given day he could be trying to schedule Fedor Emelianenko’s next fight, speaking with a fighter from Japan or, most recently, setting the stage for the release of “EA Sports MMA,” Electronic Arts’ newest video game.

Despite the hectic nature of the job, Chou said it is worthwhile when the fans and fighters enjoy the show. He compared it to the adrenaline high a fighter experiences following a rousing victory.

“We get a rush from putting on a great show,” he said.

He calls the sport his passion so going to work each day isn’t a chore. Chou likened it to a lifestyle since his leisure time consists of training or watching MMA.

“It’s a very big part of my life,” he added.
Picking himself up

But life wasn’t always a success for the 31-year-old. Prior to joining Strikeforce, Chou was working with another professional MMA organization called Elite Xtreme Combat. The company folded in October 2008 and Chou was left without a job.

“I took some time off and did some soul searching,” he said.

For the first time in several years, Chou was unemployed and left pondering which direction to head. Rock bottom is what he called that point in his life because the sport he loved so much, left him with nothing.

In spite of losing his job, his good reputation within the industry got the attention of Strikeforce’s chief executive officer Scott Coker. Coker then brought Chou aboard to fulfill the critical role of matchmaker.

“Scott really helped me take my career to the next level,” Chou said.

Coker said he reached out to Chou because the two had previously worked together when Strikeforce partnered with EliteXC to produce two MMA events.

“He stood out because he was doing most of the work,” Coker said via telephone from San Jose.
Hard work pays off

Coker said about 50 to 75 people apply for a job at Strikeforce each month, but Chou’s knowledge and passion for the sport separate him from the rest. Coker added that he has high aspirations for Chou in the next couple of years.

“Hopefully he can run Strikeforce one day and I can step down,” Coker said.

JD Penn, the president of Rumble World Entertainment, agrees that Chou has the dedication and work ethic needed to succeed. Rumble World Entertainment is a Hawaii-based MMA company that has hosted events such as the Rumble On The Rock series.

“I have worked with a lot of promoters and I would say he has a lot more dedication to this sport than anyone else. He understands how important it is to have a good work ethic and to be honest and genuine in this sport,” Penn, whose brother is professional fighter BJ Penn, said via e-mail.

JD Penn added that Chou has a wealth of experience in MMA because he has worked as a fighter, a referee and a promoter. Therefore, JD Penn believes Chou has the ability to navigate his career because of his vast experience.

“It’s really up to him,” JD Penn said.
Giving thanks

Chou said he met JD Penn in 2004 and the two clicked immediately. Chou began working with JD Penn to promote Rumble On The Rock. Chou credits JD Penn for introducing him to the promotional side of the sport.

“I am very grateful that JD gave me a start in the business,” Chou said.

Chou thanks his parents for their constant support and understanding as well as teaching him the value of hard work. He also thanks his coaches throughout high school and college.

Chris Shepherd, Chou’s high school volleyball coach, said Chou was able achieve success at a higher level because his dedication to volleyball at the time was unmatched.

“He was always the first one in practice and the last one to leave,” Shepherd said.

Chou credits Shepherd for helping him play collegiate volleyball. Chou also thanks Calvo, Melchor Manibusan, Steve Roberto and Roman Dela Cruz for introducing MMA to him. He is also appreciative for the friendship and support he has received from JD Penn.
Life lessons

No longer at the bottom, Chou said MMA has taught him about life and the importance of perseverance, patience and having faith.

“You just got to grind it out,” he said. “There were a lot of intelligent people who got into MMA and failed. It’s a really tough business.”

He added that hard work and passion are the two key ingredients for people striving to break into the sport. Whether in the ring or behind the scenes, Chou said always remember to have fun, don’t burn any bridges and try to absorb as much as information as possible.

“Be a sponge and take it all in.”


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